Moneyball. Rufus Peabody ’08, a former economics major and current “professional gambler,” made headlines for risking over $600,000 in prop bets for the Super Bowl. He predicted making 5 to 10 percent in profits. “Every play is like, ‘Oh my God, we just lost $5K or we just won $5K,’” he told the Las Vegas Sun.

Beer Olympics. The Branford God Quad threw an Olympics-themed party on Friday night, which featured drinking games created especially for the occasion, such as “curling.” Attendees signed up to compete in teams of self-named “countries.” Teams included the USA, the USSR, Middle Earth and Somalia among others.

The beauty of Battell. Battell Chapel was recognized in a recent list from The Huffington Post titled “America’s Most Beautiful College Chapels Make University Tours a Religious Experience.” Over two dozen scenic colleges were featured, including Princeton, Columbia, Harvard and Stanford. Go Ivy Leagues!

A “surprise,” but the good kind. The Boston Globe featured a number of New Haven locales in its guide to “Five Great Winter Getaways in New England.” The Study was named as having “a handsome book-filled lobby and convenient university location.” The Union League Cafe was described as “upscale” in its “grand Beaux Arts setting.” “New Haven, with its hardscrabble core and industrial waterfront, is a delightful surprise,” the article concluded.

Mass panlist vs. Guild of Carillonneurs round infinity. The guild of carillonneurs has found themselves a mortal enemy in the mass, anonymous panlist. Another email panlisted around this weekend from the sender Screw The Bells included a gif of Regina George from “Mean Girls” saying “Shut up.”

Hollywood, this is your chance to prove Harvard wrong! The Harvard Crimson has released their Oscars predictions for this year. The list favors “12 Years a Slave” for Best Picture and Steven McQueen for Best Director among others.

Not cool. The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media published a video titled “… Why is it so cold?” explaining why global warming and the current cold temperatures are likely related.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1940 Yale’s oldest living alumnus, Henry Haven Gorton 1862, turns 100 years old. At Yale he was a baseball player and debated the southern secession with his classmates. He eventually began a friendly competition with his classmates on who would live the longest.

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