Worst prom photo ever. The New York Times published a profile of the “Tiger Couple,” law school professors Amy Chua and her husband Jeb Rubenfeld, titled “Confessions of a Tiger Couple.” Highlights include Chua referring to her husband as a “bad boy” and flashback to her childhood where she was whacked with chopsticks by her parents for misbehaving. An added cherry on top is the accompaniment of a chilling black and white photo of the couple taken from two different angles at the same moment.

(Super) Bowl of Cheese. In anticipation of the Super Bowl, Caseus has set aside a special regional cheese for each team. Fans of the Seahawks can enjoy a Seattle cheese — Yule Kase from Beecher’s — and Broncos supporters will appreciate Chile Jack from Haystack Mountain in Longmont, Colo.

“Free pound of coffee.” Today is the last day of the Harvard-Yale Blood Drive. According to Yale College Dean Mary Miller’s email, every donor receives “a free pound of coffee!” so there’s that.

Second chances. Those who have already broken their New Year’s resolutions get another chance with Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend. The New Haven Museum will be hosting a daylong Lunarfest on Saturday themed around the Year of the Horse. Participants can look forward to wushu training and ancient Chinese court dances.

Reforming Wikipedia. Broad Recognition is hosting a “Wikipedia Feminist Edit-A-Thon” this Saturday as part of a global movement where feminists gather to correct gender inequalities “as well as racial/colonial disparities” on Wikipedia pages. (Bonus points for fixing typos as well.)

One small rock fragment, one large step for mankind. A recent Peabody exhibit features the first fragment from the planet Mercury to be identified in human history: a chunk of rock blasted into space after an impact at Mercury’s surface.

Prep school poor. Students at the elite prep school Phillips Exeter Academy seem to have finally had a mental breakdown. A recent article from The Exonian reports that students have been “dumpster diving” to retrieve chocolates thrown out by the local Lindt outlet and to a lesser degree other items such as speakers and old license plates. Lindt has even written a statement to remind students that the practice is unsafe.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1907 A number of freshmen receive invites to the Corinthian Yacht Club. Not surprisingly, the club is one of Yale College’s most popular institutions.

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