Back, this time for forever. Apparently it is possible for things to come back from extinction. The Yale Compliments Facebook page is back, this time under the monicker ‘Yale Compliments II.’ “Unfortunately, the original page was deactivated, so here’s a new page that people can message with kind words about their friends or acquaintances or total strangers!” read an advertisement in the Class of 2015 Facebook page.

Round 3: Get a job.The Junior Class Council has set up a series of gCal’s and iCal’s so students can easily add events related to the categories of: JCC, finance/banking, health, consulting, law, startups and tech. Students are advised to use these calendars as a constant reminder of their impending unemployment.

Alumni Award Watch. According to a recent post by the Yale School of Music, alumni who were recognized at the Grammy awards earlier this week include Thomas Newman ’77 MUS ’78 for “Skyfall” and Brad Wells ’05 and his ensemble Roomful of Teeth for their self-titled album.

Out of the blue. Toad’s is hosting the bluegrass bands, Greensky Bluegrass and the Tumbleweed Wanderers on Wednesday. The age limit is 14+. Undetermined whether University President Peter Salovey will make a guest appearance.

Back to normal. Less than 24 hours after Toad’s venture into folk music, the venue is hosting Barstool Blackout 2014. The age limit is 18+. Good to know the club is well aware of where it’s true strengths lie.

Cameras ready. Midnight on Wednesday is the deadline to send in submissions to the 2014 Rumpus ‘50 Most’ Facebook Contest. However, entrants should be aware that most of the selections are actually being made through backroom deals, bribery and the wanton discretion of Rumpus Magazine editors.

Too hot to handle. Meanwhile, nominations are open for the Harvard Crimson’s Fifteen Hottest Freshmen. “We want the students who put the hot in hot breakfast in Annenberg,” an online call for nominations read. (Bonus points to any prank-savvy Yalie who can get themselves nominated in this category.)

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1970 A record number of students enroll in the course Human Sexuality. The non-credit course “Topics in Human Sexuality” is the “largest human sexuality course in the East.” One thousand students end up filling up Battell Chapel for the first lecture of the course. Eighty percent of these students are male.

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