Frozen yogurt businesses around New Haven do not simply freeze up when the weather turns cold.

There has been no significant decrease in the number of customers at frozen yogurt stores, according to local store owners. Frozen yogurt stores have adapted to the weather, attracting customers during with deals and discounts. In addition, store owners said, the sweet tooth that drives many college students makes them devoted customers, regardless of the weather.

“More than the cold weather, when the students are gone, such as during winter break, it creates the most significant difference,” said New Haven Go-Greenly store owner, Elliott Detchon ’67. “When you have the holidays coming around, [workers] are on vacation as well, and it reduces the number of customers overall.”

In general, during the winter months, there is a slight dip in frozen yogurt sales, and during the summer the stores see their largest crowds, said Thienson Nguyen, the manager of Froyoworld. He added that from March to October stores see a steady stream of customers, with the peak sales occurring during August. But even as the weather becomes chilly, Nguyen explained, loyal customers come in during non-meal hours, such as after lunch or after dinner.

Frozen yogurt stores also incentivize customers during the cold winter months. Froyoworld offers a frozen yogurt “happy hour” daily from 3 to 6 p.m. until Jan. 31. Customers pay $5 to fit all they can into a 16-ounce cup. Similarly, Go-Greenly on 48 Whitney Ave has discounts on hot beverages, selling hot chocolate, coffee and tea for just $1. In addition, several deals are offered at Go-Greenly throughout the year: “Free-Topping Tuesday,” rewards cards that give customers store credit for frozen yogurt purchases and $4 cup days, where customers can enjoy all the frozen yogurt they can fit into a cup for $4.

“We are always looking to do something for the students,” said Thienson Nguyen, the manager of Froyoworld. “College kids are a regular.”

Julia Granitz, the store manager of Go-Greenly agreed that college students are a target audience. Go-Greenly provided a study break for students in Swing Space last year. The restaurant catered for approximately 80 people, introducing them to Go-Greenley’s top five flavors.

Of 10 Yalies interviewed, six said they would prefer a frozen yogurt study break to a coffee study break.

However, all 10 Yale students agreed that even during the winter months they would find time for frozen yogurt, especially with incentives such as discounts or deals.

“Frozen yogurt, for sure,” answered Sarah Kim ’17 when presented with a choice between coffee and frozen yogurt during the winter months. “It’s easier to justify a splurge on frozen yogurt than it is to justify one on…caffeine and sugar.”

Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt store that will soon open at 1064 Chapel Street.