Enrollment in Computer Science courses is so high this semester that the “Zoo” —the department’s student workspace at 51 Prospect Street — will not accommodate the expected demand, according to Computer Science DUS Stan Eisenstat. In a January 18 email to CS majors, Eisenstat wrote that the department has created a Zoo Annex of the 52 machines in a public cluster at 17 Hillhouse, Room 111.

The Zoo is open 24 hours a day, but Eisenstat’s email said that the Zoo Annex will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights between 7 p.m. and midnight, and is “likely to be open most times as well.”

In his email, Eisenstat wrote that the Zoo will probably exceed demand on night before assignments are due for CPSC 201 and 223—“Intro to Computer Science” and “Data Structures and Programming Techniques,” respectively.

As of 9:05 on January 19, the OCS demand for CPSC 201 is 56 students and 166 students for CPSC 223.