If you’ve been searching for some less thorough Yale-related news to read, you’re in luck. A new satirical website entitled The Yale Bubble surfaced this past week.

With headlines like “Dean Miller Uninvites YBBPlus From Quinciñera” and “Prospective English Major Makes Reasonable Headway through ‘Infinite Jest,'” The Yale Bubble seems well on its way to becoming Yale’s version of The Onion, right down to the “Viewpoints” sections that The Onion has.

The site currently does not list authors or information about how it was started up.

However, issues have already been raised with The Yale Bubble‘s humor. An open letter to the site’s editors was recently published by Broad Recognition, a feminist magazine at Yale. In the letter, 36 Yale undergraduates asked The Yale Bubble to refrain from sending a “hostile and frankly violent message” that they found in some of the site’s articles, such as one entitled “Why Yale’s 1969 Decision to Admit Women Was a Mistake.” The articles in question have since been removed from the site.