Oh the residential college buttery… that late-night eatery serving chicken nuggets, milkshakes and carrot sticks and hummus and grilled cheese. For the student pulling an all-nighter, the buttery can be a second home. For the students returning from Wednesday-night Toad’s, the buttery offers end of the night redemption. And for the students who don’t understand why dinner closes at 7:30 in most colleges, the buttery sells cheap burgers and quesadillas. As the spring semester begins, XC hits all twelve butteries in two nights to bring you a guide to Yale College butteries. Photos by Payal Marathe


JE: In JE, never does the stressed Yalie have to choose between a warm grilled cheese sandwich and spicy buffalo chicken. The classic manwich is the best of all worlds — a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with diced buffalo chicken tenders and the customer’s sauce of choice, although the manager recommends hot sauce and ranch.

Branford: Amongst Branfordians, the most popular item on the menu is the Circle of Life. The sandwich takes the eater on a journey from egg to chicken and back again. For the less philosophical, it’s a sandwich with chicken, a runny egg and cheese.


Stiles: Like Yale’s many buildings, sandwiches can also be named after dead scholars. At the Stiles buttery, also known as the Moose buttery, one of the most popular menu items is the Ezra, a fried egg inside a grilled cheese sandwich. There’s never a more perfect time than midnight to enjoy fried food and melty cheese.

Morse: Here at the Morse buttery, students have their choice of a number of specials, the most popular of which is called the Jim Stanley. It’s not important who it’s named after. What is important is that this is a quesadilla with chicken nuggets inside, and never has a quesadilla tasted so good.

Saybrook: The Saybrook buttery also serves a manwich, but it doesn’t stop there. Even more popular than the manwich is the manlierwich, and the most popular item is the manliestwich. Chicken, cheese, egg and bacon all come together in this satisfying sandwich.


Trumbull: The Trumbutt is known for its milkshakes, which can be ordered on or off-menu. The magic milkshake features Oreo, cookies & crème ice cream, cookie dough, milk and a subtle secret ingredient we can only imagine is something akin to the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.

Davenport: The notorious Davenport Dive is also known for its quesadilla special – the RJR is a crispy tortilla filled with Mexican cheese, chicken tenders, bacon, hot sauce and ranch. Plus the Dive workers are usually volunteers so you can rid yourself of any sweatshop labor guilt when indulging in chicken and bacon and cheese and hot sauce and ranch.

Silliman: The Silliman buttery’s most popular item is fried mozzarella sticks, served to customers hot out of the oil. Sillimanders call them mozz sticks.


TD: For the broke and homeless in TD — on the dollar menu, the TD Butt sells special Cajun waffle fries, which is fries sprinkled with Cajun seasoning. They can even make it “Wenzel style” upon request, stirring hot sauce and ranch together in a paper cup and pouring the mixture over the fries to make a messier and tastier snack.

Calhoun: The Buffchick wrap is popular at the Calhoun buttery, also called The Trolley Stop. Buffalo chicken and cheese are rolled together inside a tortilla, which is then grilled. The Buffchick is also customizable – studentss can choose to add hot sauce, ranch or both, which is highly recommended.


Berkeley: They keep it simple at Berkley’s buttery, whipping up a quick nutella-wich for those who crave chocolate during long study sessions or in the middle of the night. Nutella from an absurdly large container is spread onto bread, which is then grilled.

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Pierson: One of the most popular menu items at Pierson’s buttery is the slammer, which is so much more than just a burger. Between two buns, the customer gets a meat patty, egg, cheese and bacon. It’s dinner and breakfast and a summary of your night all in one.