Yale students and New Haven residents are experiencing the arrival of a new crime pattern that has gained national attention in recent weeks — the “knockout game.”

The game refers to attacks on pedestrians by groups of young adults. The assaulters approach their victims on public streets, hit them and run away. After speaking to the New Haven Police Department, Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins notified the campus community about the violent new trend in an email on Nov. 21. There were seven reported cases of street violence in New Haven this November that could be linked to the “knockout game.”

The most recent incident occurred close to Gateway Community College, on the Church Street overpass, according to Higgins’ email alert. New Haven Police are still uncertain as to whether the reported acts of violence were incidents of “knockout.”

According to Public Information Officer Anna Mariotti, the attacks have subsided since late November.

“The YPD is working collaboratively with the New Haven Police Department and Yale Security to prevent these assaults and to identify those responsible,” said Yale Public Relations Manager Amy Athey McDonald.

Higgins reiterated that students should be aware of their surroundings and avoid isolated areas, especially after dark.

New Haven residents said that exercising caution has always been a necessity in New Haven.

“We live in an urban area, and we have to be careful,” said Michael Kaplan ’86, a New Haven resident and the parent of a current Yale student. “This is one more thing to be careful about.”

Zoe Dobuler ’17 expressed concern that the “knockout game” presents an additional danger. She had not heard of the “knockout game” before Higgins’ email and said it is scary that such attacks have occurred so close to campus. Dobuler said she remains careful when walking around campus at night but has not made any changes to her habits since receiving Higgins’ email.

Kaplan and Dobuler both expressed confusion over the assaulters’ motives. While there is a clear reason for “apple-picking,” the crime trend where people steal iPhones and iPods, it is less clear what a person would gain from punching a stranger in the face, Kaplan said.

Kaplan also expressed doubt about whether the “knockout game” will become a serious issue in New Haven.

“I’m not sure whether the fear is coming from the students or the national media coverage,” Kaplan said.

Sergeant Al Vazquez of the NHPD Detective Bureau shared residents’ concerns about media sensationalism. The best way to prevent further “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the media, Vazquez said. He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.

The Yale Police has not yet determined whether the “knockout game” will be as prevalent of a threat as “apple-picking” was last year, McDonald said, explaining that the email was meant to be precautionary. She added that the YPD’s goal was to encourage the community to take reasonable precautions.

The Detective Bureau of the NHPD is preparing to arrest one individual in response to the Church Street “knockout” incident that occurred on Nov. 17.



  1. mrivera

    Notice the lack of any description of the attackers. This even though they are still at large and menacing the community. Black on white violent crime has exploded since 2009 and the media refuse to report it. They only call the thugs “teens” and “youths”. Disgusting.

    • Karen Walker

      Not only that but the media is portraying these thugs as victims of our society. These acts are racially motivated hate crimes but the media will never report it truthfully because it goes against their liberal agenda.

      • FreedomFan

        Only straight white men can be prosecuted for hate crimes. There is no longer “equal protection under the law” in the U.S.

    • Ex-Oligarch

      Those in the Yale community use codes to covey such information, rather than risk censure by straightforwardly stating the facts. See that reference to the university’s location in “an urban area”? Bingo.

  2. daddyksinger

    Well, uhhh, it’s uhhh, these uhhhh. You see, it’s uhhh a game of uhhhh ummmmm well, it’s uhh. Why don’t these pansie reporters call it what it is??

  3. mkell24

    Stop referring to this as a “game.” This is battery – a criminal offense: unlawful physical contact. Nothing game-like about this.

  4. Percy Mercy

    “The game refers to attacks on pedestrians by groups of young adults.”

    LMAO…those darn Amish kids….

  5. Philhellenic

    Dear Reader,
    Please know that since no mention of race was made, the perp was most likely black and that the victim was most likely white. Had it been otherwise, these cases would be trayvonmartinized.

    • Bob_Oscar

      There is a strong push on by the left these days to find ONE instance of wayward white youts playing the “knockout game”…..

      …..so far no hits (heh heh)…..

      If they find some obscure instance, maybe in dim light, where the perp could possibly, maybe be identified as a white, or a “white Hispanic”…. it will immediately hit the MSM, to be played over and over until people get sick of seeing it.

  6. Earnest Evanston

    This lengthy report NEVER provides details of what reasonable precautions people should take. Don’t go out at night? Arm yourself? Stay away from the black neighborhoods?

    Nor does reporter Erica Pandey or most reporters ever mention that all the victims are white and all the perps are black. These are hate crimes. The police and the media are covering that up.

    According to Sgt. Al Vasquez, the media is perpetuating the knockout game by covering it. It’s a catch 22. If Vasquez wants the media to stop covering it how would people take precautions against a danger the media doesn’t report?

    This is the insanity of liberal policies. A first step to remedy this insanity is to never vote for a Democrat.

    • Play Righter

      “We live in an urban area, and we have to be careful,”

      There are some who would call these “code words” for racist attitudes.

      Then again, rather than worrying about so-called “dog whistles”, citizens should carry police whistles (or something even more potent).

      • doggma

        the race baiters would know coded words…..they created the language…..in what the race baiters call dialog…..

        • Play Righter

          The difficulty is knowing what’s a “code word”. The Root is currently running an article claiming that “conservatism, small government, intrusive federal power and lower taxes” are “code words”.

          And then there’s that space themed graduation card the NAACP had yanked because it mentioned “black holes”.

          Is it racist to shop on “Black Friday”?

          • Alpo2010

            Lower taxes? Smaller government? Perish the thought! The Tea Party platform. (Taxed Enough Already). That’s all. Someday that will make sense to everyone.

  7. Dave Schumacher

    “Sergeant Al Vazquez of the NHPD Detective Bureau shared residents’ concerns about media sensationalism. The best way to prevent further “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the media, Vazquez said. He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.”

    It’s been going on since at least 2009 around the nation. The media is just getting around to reporting it. Yes, blame the media. Don’t blame the criminals.
    Educate residents and the media? Why don’t you try catching the CRIMINALS who did this? You got one and there sounds like more are out there.

    • Dan Daly

      This pos Cop wants US to be deprived of our fundamental RIGHTS! Like walking in our areas unmolested by Gen1 Humans

  8. Dialogos68

    I have been following this “knockout” pandemic for a few years. It has been reported in countless cities through local news outlets. In Illinois, “racist” black youth call it “Polar Bear Hunting”. This is 100% about race! This so called game almost always features black youth attacking other people based on their race! Liberals teach black people to hate whites in an attempt to get their vote….. Then they try to sweep black on white crime under a rug…… Welcome to our emerging liberal idiocracy.

    • Shep

      The first incidence of this game I know of happened in 1980. Three urban youths (black thugs) came up behind me as I left a grocery store and one tagged me. When I woke up a powerfully built, decently dressed, black dude was keeping the bad guys off of me. The thugs were calling him everything but a child of God. A year or so later I learned that my attacker had caught 5 to the chest at a club.

    • Deplorable armymom

      I think you are right but then, you have to ask yourself, “do I want to be another Zimmerman, after getting sucker punched and head pounded on the sidewalk? Am I defending myself or being racist? That’s how society is today.

        • Deplorable armymom

          The point I was trying to make, no matter how justified you are to protect yourself, if a white shoots a black in self defense, they will be labeled “racist”. This is how our government and media works in today’s world. It’s called “brainwashing” and it works.

  9. The Watcher on the Wall

    “… it is less clear what a person would gain from punching a stranger in the face, Kaplan said.”

    The number 1 reason given for why this is playing out across the country is: “we were bored and had nothing better to do.”

    I think if more jobs were available across the board and if black youth unemployment was not at 50%, you would be on the right track to reducing violence in “urban” areas. But you can’t “organize” (read “manipulate”) people who are not upset about something so any positive influence on any community is actually detrimental to the liberal/progressive agenda.

    Their next move is to further victimize the illegal alien population in an attempt to guilt the country into accepting an amnesty deal. They couldn’t care less about the 95% of black people who voted for Obama.

    • bc

      This is the money quote from the article. I’m not sure how to make it “more clear” to this obviously pasty white left wing radical surrender monkey.

  10. doggma

    You dumbass reporters are creating bigger problems for law biding citizens by not reporting the truth…a game is played by competitors and when you have a gang of thugs that sneak up on you and assault you its attempted murder not a game…..when its a black on white crime its a hate crime just like you dumbass reporters say its a hate crime when white on black…..the people of America need honesty in this day and time …we have had enough of lies from our Pres. and press…….

    if this keeps up the real game will start and you reporters might be a player in a game you don’t want to play……

  11. Fred G

    Stop calling it a “game”. If we start calling it by its rightful name “an assault” this glamour phase will soon end.

  12. FreedomFan

    Only straight white men can be prosecuted for hate crimes. There’s no longer “equal protection under the law” in the U.S.

  13. centernewsnetwork.com

    Maybe Sergeant Al Vazquez of the NHPD Detective Bureau will issue boxing head gear to New Haven residents? And shouldn’t he have declined any comment about the knockouts? Ignoring the knockouts is key to preventing them.

  14. FreedomFan

    Democrats want to overturn all “stand your ground” laws to make it safer … for them to kill us.

  15. NCMike

    No surprise that “Zoe” was ignorant about this violence that has been going on for years. Her professorial indoctrinators and her peers are the poster children for the ignorance of the liberal bubble. Hear no evil, speak no evil, or see no evil, unless told to hear an evil, speak an evil or see an evil. These non-discerning airheads who do nothing but parrot the ignorance of their propaganda masters, fiddle with their electronic toys, or massage their egos on social media makes the future of America a chilling prospect.

    • Ryan

      haha, funny I was pretty much thinking the same thing when I read her quote. How in the world could that student not have heard about these violent attacks? For an individual who is supposedly “smarter then the rest of us” she sure is clueless about the world in which she lives.

  16. kogk1943

    “We live in an urban area, and we have to be careful,” said Michael Kaplan – now that’s a RACIST statement!

    • Dan Daly

      I don’t have to be careful! Only ready myself for my fundamental RIGHT to Self Defense against BEASTS of all ilk!

  17. Xanadu2

    It would be really interesting if one could go back in time 160 years and show all the self righteous Northeastern Abolitionists just one weeks worth of present day local and national news. I’m thinking Lincolns original desire to repatriate the slaves back to Africa might have happened.

    • hoya

      I think A. Lincoln genius was to recognize What may happen 160 years down the road, thus the desire to repatriate the slaves back to Africa and prevent the slavery to become an excuse for violence generations later….

    • $27024138

      That desire went MUCH further back than Lincoln. But you are right… many saw the future of our mistakes.

  18. Smoky Dogbert

    “….He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.”

    Not exactly. These assaults need to be covered in detail so that citizens can be prepared. As far as media attention glorifying the violence, I doubt if that is a factor. The people committing these acts of violence probably don’t read news.

  19. Right

    The best way to prevent further “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the media

    Educate them about what, exactly? The police claim to be unsure as to whether it’s the “knockout game” at all, and they don’t seem to know who the perpetrators are (or at least, they’re not saying).

    She added that the YPD’s goal was to encourage the community to take reasonable precautions.

    Specifically, which precautions? What situation should people avoid? What do they consider to be “reasonable”?

    “We live in an urban area, and we have to be careful,” said Michael
    Kaplan ’86… “This is one more thing to be careful about.”

    Isn’t that pathetic? A resident simply accepts that he has to live in fear because he lives in an “urban area”. It reminds me of the attitude that New Yorkers had toward crime in the 1970s and 80s. You rode the subway after dark and got mugged? What did you expect?

    • Dan Daly

      We The People are not guaranteed “Police” protection, US Supreme Ct.! We have an inalienable RIGHT to Self Defense!

  20. ComradeZero

    Oh didn’t all you Liberals just love Trayvon Martin and what a rotten guy George Zimmerman was for protecting his own life from that violent young thug, well once a different Trayvon Martin decides to use your head for a pinata don’t you dare resist.

    • Alpo2010

      Did you hear race baiter Al Sharpton is officially speaking out against knockout games? Gee, pigs flying now.

  21. Capt Jack

    Not once did they mention that the attacker in the “Knockout” game or “”Apple Picking” (Same game different name) was African American. If it was white gangs going around hitting blacks or killing them their race would be front page news. But the media is so afraid of being called racist they ignore it.

      • Dan Daly

        Not me, time to call a spade a spade! Fed Crime STATS! Only the delusional believe that numbers lie! Time to cull the herd and restore the REPUBLIC! We The People are obligated! Semper Fi!

      • Jeffrey Coley

        Wait, I have the angle:
        Roving gangs of white African-Americans have been assaulting Native Americans.

        This works because virtually every black American has some white ancestors, and even a pasty white ghost like Elizabeth Warren with no documented Indian ancestry can claim to be “Native American”.

    • Shep

      If it were white gangs attacking black people, white people would be screaming for it to stop, ostracizing the gang members, and doing all they could to put the gang members away for a long time.

  22. kogk1943

    Sergeant Al Vazquez of the NHPD Detective Bureau shared residents’ concerns about media sensationalism. The best way to prevent further “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the media, Vazquez said. He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it. – it’s been going on for YEARS you mental midget! It’s gotten to the point that the neo-liberal media can’t even hide it anymore. Stop making excuses and do your job dunce-bag!

    • aliswell

      Sorry, kogk. Just saw you posted this before I did. Heh, we picked up on the same ridiculous excuse they’re trying to use to HIDE this crime theme.

  23. ComradeZero

    The moment some young White kids smash some African American in the face for no reason that will be the day it becomes a big news stroy.

    • doggma

      you know it won’t happen like these crimes are committed…it would be a black getting his ass stomped during a one on one where the white is defending himself…kind a like florida with the white hispanic….then it will be a racist hate crime and the media will push it into world news……but these blacks are in a gang and they ambush you…..

      • Alpo2010

        I believe the incident you refer to involved a “white Hispanic”….as the media drumbeat went…just to keep the proper narrative on target. The same incident that our esteemed prez felt compelled to speak about. Though he knew nothing at all about Benghazi, IRS scandal, Fast&Furious, NSA, etc. etc.

        • Dan Daly

          Ricky Ricardo was a White Hispanic not George! He had the look of his mothers jungle in him! Unless a “Hispanic” has European Spanish Genes, they are not considered WHITE!

    • Jeffrey Coley

      Yeah – just like the time when that mixed race “white” Hispanic in Florida shot that black kid who was assaulting him. What was his name again?

    • aliswell

      I saw a street video yesterday of two young white males attack another young white male. One distracted the victim while the other came up behind the victim and clobbered him on the back of the head, knocking him out. The first perp then punched the kid in the face repeatedly while he was down and out, then robbed him.

      The kicker was that the site was salivating all over the fact that it was whites who committed the crime. They mentioned it in the article, replayed the video several times so you could plainly see they were white, and even had arrows identifying each perp while using those arrows to again drive home the fact that they were WHITE.

      The comment section was howling with people crying “SEE? This proves the knockout game is played by ALL races!” Except this wasn’t the “knockout game,” they were intent on robbing the victim.

  24. Auntie Proglodyte

    “…The game refers to attacks on pedestrians by groups of young adults…”

    My, oh my! The elite, youthful propagandists at Yale Daily News appear to be suffering from a potentially lethal dose of Racial Stockholm’s Syndrome! Shall I edit their shockingly deluded censorship to reflect National Reality?


    …THERE! I fixed Yale Daily News’ Common Core Curriculum-induced delirium!

    • Thedogatemyhealthcare

      And perhaps, even though this is not PC to say outright, but maybe Trayvon what’s his name was attempting a version of this criminal assault and things went a tad wrong for young Trayvon.

    • louisianalag

      How do you know the utes in question aren’t Chad, Muffy, and the gang having a little fun after the Country Club soiree? That Chad is such a rascal.

  25. Bob Wilke

    Connecticut residents are pretty much prevented from protecting themselves from crime. The East Coast has this habit of protecting the rights of criminals so we can expect this to continue in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., etc.

  26. hoya

    ““I’m not sure whether the fear is coming from the students or the national media coverage,” Kaplan said.
    Yes and he probably would have believed he was being transported to another job just before entering the gates of crematorium…..
    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder….

  27. Bolio

    this is a great way for our youth to express their unhappiness with the current social state of affairs…keep expressing

  28. atillathehunney

    “Kaplan and Dobuler both expressed confusion over the assaulters’ motives.”
    Ah, more geniuses from another ivy league rat hole.
    Get your tuition money refunded kids. Clearly you’ve been screwed.

    • Dan Daly

      Connecticut is full of delusional arrogant liberals, you reap what you sow, morons! .45 is the answer!

    • Constitutionalist

      You can carry legally in Connecticut. Your permit is called the US Constitution. I think it’s time these !d!ot libs are reminded of that fact.

  29. kogk1943

    “I’m not sure whether the fear is coming from the students or the national media coverage,” Kaplan said. – can you believe this morons parents spent six figures to “educate” this pin-head?!?!?

  30. aliswell

    “[Sergeant Al Vazquez] explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.”

    Yes, because for the past two years it WASN’T covered it was definitely on the downtrend. *smdh*

  31. Captain Blood

    Animals, plain and simple. You all know who I’m talking about. Why is this latest wave of violence so shocking? This is who, and what they are. Profile, God forbid! The media has given another pass to these animals, calling it a “Game” Learn how to handle a firearm, and take these M,F,’s out if you feel threatened. No one will save you, but you.

  32. JoeHoliday

    But these misunderstood young black fellows can’t attack the ones who support them……can they? Our president says it must be the pressure of seeing the anglo people with so much money that drives these innocent lads to start this hanky panky. They are only acting out and if a few have to die in their pursuit, then so be it. The light skin devils and those stingy Jewish folk only deserve what they get.

  33. JoeHoliday

    Grow up you liberal wantabes in college. See what becomes of your progressive ideas when they actually come to pass. Flash mobs taking over this ritual in great numbers is next.

  34. Beth

    The reason they have confusion over the assaulters’ motives is because of their unbelievable naiveness. They are so poorly educated that they don’t even realize their is such a thing as evil people. The left always says that people do evil things because they are poor. Not true. Their have been people from wealthy backgrounds who have been very evil. Poverty has nothing to do with it. It is the nature of man and people have choices. There are those people like Hitler who choose on their own to be evil.

  35. Auntie Proglodyte

    Looks like NHPD got their instantaneous marching orders from the Head Racist Mulatt0-in-Charge at the Department of Injustice!

    Erick Himmler is working overtime to endanger the next assured WHITE VICTIMS of BLACK RACIST FERAL TEEN STREET ENTERTAINMENT!

    Who would have thunk that “Change We Can Believe In”, could mean incremental genocide?

  36. DubyaFTW

    The police are a government janitorial service, available after you are attacked, to help clean up the mess and file a report, which will then be reviewed by a prosecuting attorney, in order to see if it was really your fault that you were attacked by the “victim class” criminals they protect. Neither are there to protect you, and they will quickly lose control of the situation when whites decide to come up with their own game. Tick-tock.

  37. stankful

    So let me ask all the white people here. If black people around the country have all come together and decided to commit these random acts of violence upon the white population,WHAT IS THE SOLUTION for Black people? Instead of all these goofy “those thugs better not try the knockout game with me” comments, what’s a real SOLUTION for the Black population so that whites can be safe?

    • Diraphe

      Get them an education and a job; so they don’t have so much time to bitterly roam the streets. Stop blaming others for their shortcomings; and stop making people “comfortable” in poverty with entitlements

        • Diraphe

          Bingo; that is ultimately what it comes down to.

          Kinda like the burger flippers who refuse to make use of McD’s tuition assistance to better themselves; and instead expect a raise simply for sticking their dick in something.

      • earnmybusiness

        Unfortunately, many choose not to get an education or a job. Minorities in this country have many options to better themselves, yet choose to stay in these inner city cesspools and stay on welfare. The school systems are among the worst, yet adults in these failing communities continue to re-elect officials that only promise free stuff and no solutions. Liberals created this entitlement system and have solidified their power by trapping generations in the system. Until inner city residents decide enough is enough and get rid of the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world, it will only get worse.

    • HillaryWillNeverBePOTUS

      Non-criminals and responsible citizens should be armed and properly trained to defend their family and own lives

    • pologuy

      You must make it too costly for the thugs to play the game.
      My personal remedy, I carry. I am playing the game in reverse.
      THE GAME CAN BE PLAYED TWO WAYS. If thugs have to be
      shut down the hard way. So mode it be.

    • Truth Monger

      Get a CC permit. When approached by them, open your jacket and let them see your gun & your hand on the grip. You will not be bothered. If more people do this, the threat will diminish to where it won’t be a problem anymore – kind of like giving an antibiotic for an infection, which is what the thug is……..

    • john_freeman0130

      What’s a real SOLUTION for the Black population so that whites can be safe?
      Responsible parenting.

    • RwR

      The responsible black residents in each community where a knock-out occurs, should band together to find the offender(s), turn them over to the police and let it be known that this type of “entertainment” will not be accepted. After a few of the offenders have been jailed, the word will get out that they will no longer get away with their “fun”.
      Now, will this ever happen…I seriously doubt it.

      • Mike Stamper

        Ever see a “Don’t Snitch” T-Shirt? The message is an implied threat of violence against “responsible black residents” who might do the right thing and report these thugs.

        • RwR

          Yes I have, which was the reason for my last sentence, but for the culture in those areas to change, it must happen from the inside out and not the outside in. It should start from within the black churches and unofficial leaders living on each block and behind each door in the “bricks” who still understand morals and the difference in right and wrong. Sure, I may be naïve, but I strongly believe that the majority of blacks are good, moral people, who have allowed themselves to be terrorized by gangs and individual thugs. I am not saying they “allowed” it to happen on purpose. What I am attempting to get across is that they saw things happening (over many years and generations) and turned their heads for fear of being called a snitch or labelled a narc, and instead of banding together with like minded neighbors, they shut their door and turned their back on things that were happening instead of getting involved and nipping this in the bud years ago.
          Yes, this is rather simplistic, but sometimes the best solution is the most simple and easy to understand.

    • BuzzardSays

      Hand them your wallet…don’t make any sudden moves….let them molest your women folk…throw them a basketball…push your jaw forward thus facilitating the knockout. Or, carry a gun in your hand (not in a holster) and aim it at every black person coming your way and smile and say, “I am only protecting myself. No one needs to die here.” Lots of solutions but what will work the best??? Hmmmm.

    • Deplorable armymom

      How about marriage between the parents, how about working hard to make a living, how about going to church and really praying like you mean it instead of yelling, how about personal responsibility, how about parents enforcing rules and insisting on morals and respect, and finally, how about our government stopping the enabling and dependency?

    • Mike Stamper

      “WHAT IS THE SOLUTION”? Morality, decency, compassion, self respect, respect for the law and for other peoples basic human rights. That’s the solution. Not more welfare state handouts.

    • gotham1883

      Tell them as part of their welfare payments, they get a free family vacation to Africa, but don’t tell them it is a one way ticket.

    • stankful

      Ok..I keep hearing the “solution” for Blacks is to “stop the welfare state..But the reality is the majority of people on welfare are WHITE.As a matter of fact welfare was CREATED for white women in the 1930’s (under FDR’s New Deal)..So if you stopped welfare,what would happen to all of the millions of trailer park dwelling,crystal meth smoking,Honey boo boo white people? There would be chaos..So what are some other solutions?

  38. marco a. poshar

    the reality , is reality , when you get knocked down , hurt is the same , maybe even death, those liberal morons should tell what is really going on, but they are so PC that they don”t dare to tell the truth

  39. HillaryWillNeverBePOTUS

    this “game” will end when the first victim shoots and kills one of these punks in self defense

    • You are Under Surveillance

      Then he’ll end up on trial, Sharpton will protest, then it will be the break a leg game or worse.

  40. EdZachury

    The newspapers are afraid to say it. TV news is afraid to say it. So I’ll say it. Blacks beating on old white people.

  41. Captain Blood

    Where is “O” on this? He hasn’t done a thing to curb the violence. I think he, and Holder enjoy this distraction from there numerous scandals. When was the last time you heard about Benghazi, the I.R.S., or the N.S.A.?

  42. ounceoflogic

    I’m quite certain that if this attack had been carried out by white thugs that fact would have been featured prominently in the story. It wasn’t… so I will assume that the truth is being suppressed (as usual) by the liberal media.

  43. outlawgodsucks

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and
    give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and
    their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make
    them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family
    values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.
    commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an
    example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate
    values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to
    their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example
    of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self improvement
    through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their
    industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer, as a nation.
    enriching the cities of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA,
    Washington D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI,
    Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary Ind., Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta
    GA, Richmond VA, Memphis Tn, Birmingham AL, Camden NJ; and let’s not
    forget Detroit, the tourism capital of the

  44. LRob

    I don’t believe this story at all. The NYTimes and WAPost both told me there is no such thing as the Knockout Game. That’s all I need to know.

  45. Mike Stamper

    Re: “The best way to prevent further
    “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the
    media” Educate them? Is there any form of “education” that might convince depraved, racist, violent haters that they shouldn’t maim and kill the defenseless for fun? Re: “He explained that the media helps perpetuate the
    trend by continually covering it.” Yeah, that’s right. Cover it up, don’t talk about it, never mention the explicit racism in these attacks. Get people used to it. Let this become the new “normal”. Then start blaming the victims.

  46. mypersonalopinion

    Did I miss it or did this story fail to give a description of the assailants and the victim? I’ve heard that this is a game played by blacks on whites and asians. Sounds like a hate crime. What would keep the Yale News from reporting all the facts?

  47. kogk1943

    “Kaplan and Dobuler both expressed confusion over the assaulters’ motives. While there is a clear reason for “apple-picking,” the crime trend where people steal iPhones and iPods, it is less clear what a person would gain from punching a stranger in the face, Kaplan said.” – this is what six figures gets you at Yale. These two are book ends. Dumb and Dumber. It’s so pathetic, it’s hilarious. No matter how much money you spend; “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”.

  48. robin hood in perverse

    I can’t taste the difference between Wilson and Barack vegetable oil. The Federal Reserve was created on Jekyll Island and Obama is the Prince of Hyde Park. A famous Central Banker said something like “If I control the money supply, I care not for your laws”. If debt is money that can only be paid off with more money …. someone ends up owning everything and everybody.

    The Federal Reserve and IRS are private and foreign Corporations. There is a difference between the United States and the United States of America. One is a corporation. Thanks to tax and spend democrats we were all born at sea in our mother’s womb because that way we are slaves. The global warming and cooling, etc. began after we went off the gold standard because our masters wanted our land. Private central bankers also created communism. Socialized medicine is a means to get rid of the old. God save the Queen and the Black Nobility – they are evil and the dirty rotten democrats made all the deals with the devil.

    The Bushes are skull and boneheads for the same very reason. Reagan wasn’t part of group nor is Obama. Obama might be a Reagan double agent. Soros, despite all his faults and horrible track record, hatched the plan.

    There are some real elite wacko jobs in Washington, England, Switzerland, etc. Follow the yellow brick road. There is a Ivy League Type behind the curtain. We are all aboard the Crazy Train.

  49. CowboyEd Smith

    waiting for someone to bait these apes. it’s gonna happen and it’s going to be a massacre of epic proportions and when it does I will contribute to their legal fund. Peace through superior firepower.

  50. Demosthenes Smith

    I was a journalist for a small town newspaper almost seventeen years ago, and I do not claim to be an expert on the subject. While I was not employed by a prestigious publisher like the Yale Daily News, I did know a few fundamentals of “good” journalism. A few of these seemingly extinct fundamentals include: keeping your opinions out of the story and reporting the facts (no matter how “ugly or non P.C.”). For example, if a man robs a liquor store and kills the clerk, there is no legitimate need to mention the race of the perpetrator OR the race of the victim; to do otherwise would, indeed, smack of racism. However, if the robber killed the clerk and wrote racial slurs on the floor in the victim’s blood, the journalist’s decision to NOT mention the race of all involved would do the readers a disservice at best, and at worst might even be seen as “sugar coating”the facts. It might even be seen as purposely withholding information for social or political reasons. It seems that many news sources are actively and purposely hiding the racial motivations and facts with the many incidences of the “knockout game.”

    • LRob

      I really hate to have to point this out, but it is not necessary to point out the races in either of your examples. 94% of violent crimes are committed by dark skinned perpetrators. According to Holder’s Justice Department Statistics. Just sayin’.

    • Ex-Oligarch

      If the police are searching for a criminal and have a description, why does it “smack of racism” to report information about skin color, along with other characteristics that might help the public identify the criminal?

    • kogk1943

      The whole body of neo-liberalism rests on the supports of lies, hypocrisy, propaganda. It’s evil.

  51. Nitro Noriega

    “Shoot The Bored Teenager” from Milton Bradley…coming to a store near you this Christmas!!!

  52. AmericanAdult020450

    But…..but the NYT, PBS, NPR and all the major American News Media companies have declared the “Knockout Game” and purely fanciful urban legend of mostly racist white people, conservative pundits and Fox News.

    Who am I to believe………….my obviously racist white lying eyes, intellect, experience and common sense or the “media truthers” at the NYT et al?

    Pathetic………simply pathetic behavior by America’s law enforcement for editing the facts and American news media for displaying wanton disregard for the truth in covering this really vicious orders of magnitude increase of black on white crime.

    Google: Knockout Kings St. Louis

    This has been going on “in our faces” for a long, long time!

      • Andy

        Seven people that the “media” let slip out are lying in their graves thanks to this “game” and who knows how many have been hospitalized and have needed surgery to reconstruct their faces thanks to this “game “….Its long past time to judge character people!

  53. gotham1883

    Just more libs being libs and denying they are who they are. More lies, obfuscation, and idiocy. Nothing new here. Move along.

  54. Lewis Goudy

    “He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.”

    That is an expression of opinion, not an explanation. Premising that ignorance on the part of the victim class will conduce to their safety is risible. I wonder if getting beat up by cops for taking snapshots of them kicking people on the ground is something else he would like to see less public awareness of.

    The value of the coverage is that it is leading America to the understanding that we are in the first stages of race war. Once the ostensible “victims” start turning out to be bait for rooftop snipers we will achieve a new dynamic and perhaps a return to “normalcy” if not “progress”.

  55. Apothis

    “We live in an urban area and we need to be careful” Why, are we at war? Is someone, or some group at war with us? “Us” being those of us who don’t need to commit crimes and generally get along with our fellow citizens.

    • blinders_off

      the crime has been happening since at least 2010. most notably in Chicago and St.Louis. see the book.. “white girl bleed a lot” for specifics

      • Jarhead6981

        I concur, but I heard the first “possible” was almost 5 years ago. Either way, GTA-V stole that idea for the game.

  56. bdculli .

    “Kaplan and Dobuler both expressed confusion over the assaulters’ motives. While there is a clear reason for “apple-picking,” the crime trend where people steal iPhones and iPods, it is less clear what a person would gain from punching a stranger in the face, Kaplan said.” The motive is entertainment and bragging rights. The whole point behind the “game” is to attempt to render a random person unconscious in one punch. Barring that, they instigators will continue to beat the victim and they will occasionally steal personal effects as well. While occurrences of this crime are still statistically rare, they are common enough to be referred to as a trend. Furthermore, it is never sensationalism to provide news coverage of thugs harming innocent people without provocation. NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THE PERPETRATORS, EXCEPT THE PERPETRATORS THEMSELVES. To suggest otherwise is to take the illogical position that those committing these acts are not already criminals and would not engage in illegal and violent behavior save for the influence of the media. In the extremely rare cases where the perpetrator(s) are not known (convicted) or suspected (multiple arrests, no convictions) criminals, it is still a conscious choice to unlawfully inflict harm to another person. They make that choice; IT IS NOT MADE FOR THEM! Finally, it is small consolation to a citizen that has been beaten and deprived of their liberty by the selfish, unfeeling criminal-class to be told that the crime committed against them is rare and they were just unlucky. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.”-MLK

  57. blinders_off

    Obama’s grandma was right to cross the street when she observed black youth coming her way.

  58. lilbrick

    Solution: 1. Arm thyself. 2. Pose as a potential victim. 3. When perceiving a threat, at the appropriate time unmask battery(ies). 4. Quickly: ready, aim, fire! 5. No less than two blasts to the upper body. Need more effects? Simply blast until threat has been diminished and smoke is thick.

  59. Nomadic100

    The reportage in this story is unworthy of a Yale student. The “game,” so to speak, consists of a group of black males approaching a white person. One of the black males then attacks the white person and tries to render him/her unconscious with one blow. Commonly, another black male videos the attack and then all the males run off laughing. The video is usually posted to You-tube.

    -Charles Y.C ’68

  60. Karen

    Wow. Yale students aren’t very bright. They expressed confusion? Cops don’t seem too smart either – they are “uncertain”?

    A cop also says the media needs to stop informing the public about these attacks.

    Truly, New Haven sounds like a place in denial.

  61. CCCA1

    Whenever the media does not report the race of the criminal attackers or the victims that means the criminal attackers are black and the victims are non black – usually whites.

    • Poor62

      A family member works for NBC News and stated that this is their policy so as not upset African-Americans, and in other cases Hispanics. If it doesn’t fit the “narrative” as established by the liberal media the story either gets dropped, buried, or watered down to the point of being meaningless. Of course if the news item fits the narrative they will go overboard in their coverage and reporting (if not faking) details to fit their desired message. Get your news from as many varied sources as possible, then sort the facts out for yourself.

  62. laura r

    kaplan doesnt understand what a person would gain from injuring another, w/out robbing them? hes playing dumb, we all know that.

  63. $6527565

    “I’m not sure whether the fear is coming from the students or the national media coverage,” Kaplan said Spoken like a “New Haven resident and the parent of a current Yale student” who graduated Yale in ’86, and has never been punched in the face without provocation. The fear is coming from large groups of “youth” making a violent physical attack. Yale grads are smart, but they don’t know much.

  64. CaptainClarity

    Why is it called the “knockout game” instead of a “felony hate crime?” Why are the black racist thugs called “young adults” and “assaulters?” Why not just call them “gentlemen?”

    “…students should be aware of their surroundings and avoid isolated areas, especially after dark.” Great. Don’t go out at night and watch out for black guys, just don’t tell anyone that you are wary of black guys, or YOU will be charged with a “hate thought crime.”

    “Kaplan and Dobuler both expressed confusion over the assaulters’ motives” – Breathtakingly ignorant.

    • Fidelis ad urnam

      They’re confused because all the commercials and movies tell them that blacks are just like us, you know, law-abiding and decent and civil and all that?

    • Sheba3

      The typical police response “Ignore It”. Is it any wonder it is going on. I wonder how many police departments are not reporting this. After all thet maintain it is a “Game”

  65. Ken Barber

    When Obama was known for his Harvard education, my respect for Harvard dropped a little. Now it’s Yale’s turn.

  66. MickeyOregon

    This can’t be true. NPR, NYT, Washington Post all say that there is no such game – or if it is, it is exaggerated and not really a problem. And there is no way that it is done by black youth at all. Ever.

  67. jl

    ” He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.” Only on a college campus would you get this king of “reasoning.”

  68. concerned

    Woah….these comments….did someone at the society of awful racist people mention this article?

  69. Shears-of-Atropos

    My guess is that these did NOT happen in the vicinity of Whalley Avenue. Last I heard, the people there do not permit such things. Seriously. I mean seriously!

  70. T funk

    So the media is causing it to spread because of over coverage? Maybe? So, maybe thats why there is hatred, contempt and intolerance for conservative points of view, due to negative over coverage by the media?

  71. OhverSeer

    Kaplan also expressed doubt about whether the “knockout game” will become a serious issue in New Haven.

    “I’m not sure whether the fear is coming from the students or the national media coverage,” Kaplan said.

    In other words…
    it be bad fo bidness…nome sane.

  72. Sheba3

    Check the New York City news where a NYC council woman condoned the attacks and said she under stood why they were being done

  73. boboadobo

    “He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it”

    using that logic, ignore or do not cover drunk driving, then it will go away.

    another good one

    “The best way to prevent further “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the media”
    educate them to pretend racist mobs of blacks do not attack Asians and whites around the yale campus.
    I am now educated to the “knock out” game so after I am hit and before I go unconscious I will be able to say I know I have been assaulted but I am educated as to what happened, so it is ok.
    or will the people of yale be told to be triple careful around black people and stay in groups.(yeah I am sure the truth will be told)
    p.s. count on the media and cops to sweep the racist hate assault under the rug.