The home stretch. The light at the end of the tunnel called fall semester is now distantly visible. One can almost see a single green glow, minute and faraway, perhaps at the end of a dock…

All clear, except for the filter. After the campus lockdown was lifted last Monday, the University Instagrammed a photo of Harkness Tower with the caption “All clear.” The Instagram received over 1,000 likes and somewhere, a Yale press office employee got his wings.

Too soon. In response to a USA Today tweet about the lockdown on campus, an Obama administration official made the following joke on Facebook: “Waitlisted…” The reply was quickly deleted and the official has since claimed the statement to be an accident according to the Daily Caller. Ironically, the official was a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

‘What do you do with a B.A. in English?’ was probably one of the songs performed at a recent karaoke night for graduate students organized by the Yale Graduate Housing Office. Graduate Housing residents enjoyed the night out at Karaoke Heroes on Crown Street.

Guess which library this time! In the vastly underrated Style section of CNN, a photo feature ran this week on the world’s “most exquisite libraries.” The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library was recognized and its 50th anniversary this year was noted. “All light comes through the stones in the wall, and the honey-color trickle of sun rays makes it magical,” the piece said. Many former prep school students may have also be delighted to find that the Phillips Exeter Academy library was also recognized.

Winter art is coming. White paper sculptures on display along Chapel Street store windows are part of a ‘winter wonderland’ display from the Paier College of Art.

A Canadian Thanksgiving. Students in the “Writing Tribal Histories” seminar traveled to Montreal, Canada over the break to study the city’s indigenous history.

There’s something rotten in the state of Cambridge. “The UC, Going Forward Into Irrelevance” read the headline of a Harvard Crimson editorial on their recent student elections which were won by a joke ticket. At least nobody won their YCC position as a joke…?

This day in Yale history 1905 The membership list of the Banjo Club is officially released. A joint practice is set up for the Banjo and Mandolin clubs.

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