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Friday’s XC | Game Day Edition 11.22

Ottawa. Sorry, sore subject?

XC: Intro Guide to Football

The football is like the Quaffle and the players are like the Bludgeons. In some games, seeking a touchdown can be like trying to catch a snitch on a windy day. Fly Harry, fly! Along with suggested intelligent remarks to make during the game.

XC: Guide to Tailgating

The tailgate does the most with what it has, given that it is a free party thrown in a parking lot. Like if SAE’s Fratalina Wine Mixer collided with a Class of 1985 alumni reunion.

The Game Weekend in Preview

The tradition of the chess match, which pits the best players from both schools against each other, goes as far back as 1906. Blood will be spilled, kings and queens will topple, knights will face each other — well not exactly because of their bizarre L-formation movement, and pawns will be sent to die.