You woke up with a song in your heart this morning because the WKND you’ve been waiting for all year has just begun. Yes folks, it’s the Harvard-Yale game.

Though I trust you are already singing Cole Porter’s “Bulldog” and “Bright College Years,” the real question this WKND is — what other tunes will be blaring from your speakers? So here’s a guide for all you musically challenged people to make sure your best H-Y WKND ever will have the best soundtrack ever.

As soon as you’re done with classes for the week, break out the disco take on Gladiator with Izzy’s “Now We Are Free” — feel that Thanksgiving freedom running through your veins, throw papers to the wind and embrace the fact that you will get no work done over break. Done that? Now let’s move on.

As the night approaches, transition to some Icona Pop. I recommend “All Night” because you will at this point believe that you can “do this all night.” That is, of course, until you get to Commons for what is in effect the closest thing to a Harvard-Yale rave. Once there, you consider giving up and heading home. But as the temperature climbs, just accept the sweaty bodies and grind along to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.” But please, do not take off all your clothes. This is Commons, not Toad’s.

With a little bit of luck, you will not wake up with a Crimson in your bed. But sometimes, somehow, they find their way there, usually with the help of a healthy dose of tequila and that pre-break “slutever” attitude. If it’s too late to prevent this dreadful event, shake it off with a little Lovato-Lloyd combo in “Really Don’t Care” — let’s be real, you really don’t want that Cantab back into your life.

You might have also gone a little too hard the night before — don’t worry, it’s inevitable. On your way to catch the bus to the Bowl, plug in your headphones and groove (read: stumble) along to “Hangover” by Taio Cruz. And then pour yourself some more, because it’s game day and you will rally.

Keep killing the game (teehee) on the bus ride over with Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” Not only will this get you pumped up for The Game (HARVARD SUCKS, amirite?!), it’ll emotionally prepare you for the long day of drinking and merriment that lies ahead. Mostly the drinking. If you’re feeling some serious spirit, I recommend replacing the word “Tiger” with “Bulldog” because we’re not about that Princeton life here. Time for that 16–52 score to go.

On arriving at the Tailgate (shout-out to TD, winning the Tailgate since forever), you might feel a little uncomfortable about starting to drink so early in the a.m. For this, I suggest listening to Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett’s “It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere.” I think the message here is pretty clear.

We don’t care if we’re not in the South. Today is the day to show your Yale pride and pretend that we actually go to a big football school. So keep up the country classics and tailgate necessities by swinging around with your friends to “Wagon Wheel,” grilled food in one hand, Solo Cup in the other. Even if it is cold and rainy, dancing/liquor will certainly keep you warm.

As noon draws near, we are called to the Bowl. In a last effort to swing The Game in our favor, blast DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” because no matter what the outcome of The Game is, you know that Yale wins because “SCHOOL ON MONDAY! SCHOOL ON MONDAY!”