Wedding bells? No, just the Harkness bells. Yale was named on a list of 31 “insanely beautiful colleges you can get married at” from Buzzfeed on Tuesday.

Say cheese for the cameras! An NBC film crew was taping the Caseus grilled cheese truck on Tuesday and the truck served a special NBC, “Nutella Banana Cheese,” sandwich in celebration. Looks like Caseus is angling to get into the TV game because NBC employees were not even asked to complete the Cheese Truck Challenge, to eat 10 sandwiches in one hour or less, before having a menu item named after them.

All the president’s men probably attended Yale. The University’s double trouble duo, Nobel laureates Robert Shiller and James Rothman ’71, joined seven other Nobel winners at the Swedish Embassy in D.C. Tuesday for an “informal discussion of their work.” One can only imagine the atmosphere resembled something like the gathering of the 24 victors at the Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

An underdog victory. Evidently Yale students have low expectations of their peers. Marc Brackett, director of the Center for Emotional Intelligence, guest lectured in a psychology course on Tuesday and asked volunteer Davis Nguyen ’15 to do as many push-ups as he could in one minute. Around 100 students guessed beforehand how many they thought he could do and their guesses averaged around 20-30. Nguyen did 41, probably while muttering “I’ll show them all” under his breath.

View from the high road. The Harvard Crimson published a “guide” to “why Harvard is better than Yale” on Tuesday, but only came up with three reasons: the Yale is Brave video, the New Haven location and the poopetrator. Seems the spineless souls over in Cambridge are not even brave enough to handle a little danger with their laundry…

Vote for better humor. Meanwhile, elections are underway for the Harvard Undergraduate Council and one team of president & vice-president candidates is Sam and Gus, a pair labeled by The Harvard Crimson as the “joke ticket.” “You could do worse,” their campaign slogan reads, with a platform promising “tomato basil ravioli soup everyday” and touting the fact that Gus is a “fully licensed rabbinical scholar.”

This day in Yale history 1980 The Calhoun Social Committee sponsors a “tuck” service, offering to tuck students into bed. Variations include the “Champagne tuck,” “Guitar and Massage tuck,” and “My Barbershop Quartuck,” one of which includes a free leg shave.

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