In addition to his regular “Notes from Woodbridge Hall,” University President Peter Salovey will soon start sending out University-wide communications about Yale’s budget.

In conjunction with University Provost Benjamin Polak, Salovey said, he plans to begin sending the budget updates via email by the end of the semester. Still, the precise format and content of the messages are yet to be determined. Salovey also did not say how frequently the messages would be sent to members of the Yale community.

As of June 30, 2013, the University faced a $39 million budget deficit.

The new communications will follow a trend of increased communication from the president’s office to the rest of the University. Salovey started his tenure as president, which informally began on Jul. 1, with the first of his “Notes from Woodbridge Hall,” which have arrived in Yale inboxes approximately every other week.

“I plan to communicate with you,” Salovey wrote to the Yale community in his first message, “in the hope that our dialogue will forge the positive working relationships that will benefit all of us and help us to be good and effective stewards of this University.”

Since Jul. 1, Salovey has authored 11 such notes.