On Friday, “The Daily Princetonian” confirmed rumors of a meningitis outbreak at Princeton University.

The University spokesperson, Martin Mbugua, stated that the University is considering importing Bexsero, a vaccine not yet approved in the US, in order to combat the outbreak. The University Board of Trustees discussed the issues this weekend, and a decision will be declared early next week.

Their meeting coincided with Princeton’s homecoming football game against Yale, with numerous Yale students travelling to New Jersey to engage in the festivities. Princeton’s health advisory service is asking any students with high fevers, or other symptoms, to be checked.

Meningitis can be fatal – 10% of young people who contract the disease are killed by it. It is not as contagious as the flu, but concerns are arising in dormitories and the classrooms where the diagnosed students spent a lot of time.

Kristie Schott, a student at Princeton, told CBS, “I think a lot of people are concerned by the fact that it didn’t go away in the summer when everybody left.”

 There have been seven cases of meningitis associated with the University since March.