A place Elm City residents have frequented for years received national recognition this Wednesday.

In an article from the Food Republic’s website, New Haven-based Caseus Fromagerie was named the third best cheese shop in America. Owner and Head Chef Jason Sobocinski’s shop and restaurant sells more than 100 professionally aged artisan cheeses, locally sourced preserves, and other gourmet goods in its retail space, while serving critically acclaimed cheese-focused meals in its bistro.

In outlining the criteria involved in the ranking process, Food Republic writer Emily Saladino and the site’s editors emphasized that the nation’s best cheese shops “combine top-tier imports and local specialties to create gourmet havens – and they do it all within legal bounds.” They went on to explain their reasoning for Caseus’s high ranking, highlighting that Sobocinski’s “epicurean empire encompasses an incredible cheese retailer, popular restaurant with an epic grilled cheese, and an award-winning food truck.”

Cambridge’s Central Bottle Wine and Provisions, Great Barrington’s Rubiner’s, and New York City’s Bedford Cheese Shop were the only other Northeast businesses featured in the top 10. Seattle’s The Calf and The Kid took home the first place crown on the Food Republic’s list.

At Caseus, menu highlights include the legendary baked macaroni and cheese made with seven different types of cheeses. Cheese boards, the classic grilled cheese sandwich, and the moules frites are also quite popular selections.

Caseus is located at 93 Whitney Ave. and is open from Monday through Saturday.