Whatchamacallit. The newest member of the Yale outdoor sculptures family made its first appearance on Cross Campus yesterday. Max Ernst’s ‘Habakuk’ will now greet students walking past William L. Harkness Hall. At nearly 15-feet tall, the 5,000 pound bronze statue is like a darker cousin of the Morse lipstick statue. Together the pieces offer some insightful commentary on what it means to stand out in a public space and be constantly judged by a crowd that does not fully understand you.

A beautiful mind. Yale Law School professor Stephen L. Carter has now been working for a year on a conspiracy theory related to the movie Skyfall (2012). In a Monday column in Bloomberg, Carter argued the importance of the anagram in a message sent by Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) in the film — “THINK ON YOUR SINS,” or according to Carter “YOUR SON ISNT IN HK.” Carters said he is “certain, from the time the words appeared on the screen of M’s laptop, that there was a message hidden.” Everything is connected and James Bond is real and you’re next, he also muttered under his breath as he darted back into the shadows of the law school courtyard.

Your baby might be evil. A recent book from psychology professor Paul Bloom, “Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil,” explored the morality of infants. Bloom’s research found that babies have a basic understanding of justice and basic moral sense. Now parents around the country can diagnose their children as good or evil and in the latter case, swiftly call out for an exorcism for their devil child.

Sustainable space travel. If the University won’t divest, it can at least support environmentally-friendly intergalactic travel. Rocket scientists slash students Glen Meyerowitz ’14 and Patrick Wilczynski ’16 have engineered a small-scale hybrid rocket motor and are currently preparing for a flight test. With this innovation, the human race will not over-pollute the new planet they will be forced to colonize after Earth’s environment becomes too damaged to sustain human life!

Producing presidents. For the enterprising Yale student, elections work pretty much like summer internships — every year is a campaign year. A new group on campus, “Yale Students for Hillary,” is championing the Yale Law School alum for presidency in 2016.

On a brisk November evening, a poet stops by. John Ashbery visited with campus literati Tuesday for a reading.

This day in Yale history 1990 Students battle faculty in a trivia contest and lose, as expected.

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