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Shiller disagrees with other economists
In response to those who questioned the decision to award the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Science to founders of conflicting principles, Sterling Professor of Economics Robert Shiller wrote a guest column for the New York Times entitled “Sharing Nobel Honors, and Agreeing to Disagree.” In the Oct. 26 piece, Shiller opines on fellow laureate Eugene Fama’s modern efficient-markets theory, calling the theory that opposes his own behavioral finance perspective a “half-truth.” Though Shiller asserts that his models are better-suited for economic policy, he maintains that Fama and Lars Peter Hansen are very deserving of the prize for their dedicated research.

Shiller defends Wall Street
Shiller continued to make headlines last week, this time for his role in a debate comparing career paths in finance and entrepreneurship according to the New York Times. Held at The Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering, the debate pitted Shiller against Singularity University’s Vivek Wadhwa. While Wadhwa keyed in on the exciting possibilities made possible by the world’s innovators and engineers, Shiller defended the importance of Wall Street in funding such creativity. Shiller also dispelled image issues facing the finance industry, citing workplace culture reform at firms like Goldman Sachs and saying that “anyone who lends money and asks for it back is going to look greedy…but you’ll know inside you’re a good person.”

Another day, another list
Fortune Magazine recently named Yale the best college for social entrepreneurs according to USA Today. As Stanford continues to dominate the tech entrepreneurship scene, Yale is beginning to make waves in its sister field, which consists of startup companies aimed at improving access to education, healthcare and general society. Especially of note is the number of female entrepreneurs out of the University leading the charge. “A friend once asked me if there was ‘something in the water at Yale’ that helped to produce female social entrepreneurs, the way Stanford breeds tech entrepreneurs,” Jessica Pliska ’96, founder of Opportunity Network, told USA Today.

New batch of classical musicians!
On Saturday, it was announced that the Brentano Quartet has been chosen to replace the retired Tokyo String Quartet as the faculty string quartet for the Yale School of Music according to the New York Times. The Quartet, which features Misha Amory ’89, will be tasked with training student ensembles during the academic term and performing various events beginning fall 2014. Currently, the Quartet serves as Princeton’s quartet in residence.

Guard your Hondas
A recent rash of thefts in which the wheels have been stolen from Honda Fit vehicles throughout New Haven has led the NHPD to look into a connection to the parts’ value on the black market and in illegal street racing, according to NBC Connecticut. Similar incidents have been seen throughout the country and began in New Haven around one year ago. The NHPD has focused its efforts for this case on the East Rock and Newhallville neighborhoods.

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