The miserable lives of graduate students. Stressed-out graduate students were given some guidance on how to navigate the long, dark, winding road to academic recognition in a Wednesday evening talk at the Hall of Graduate Studies. Sleep medicine expert Meir Kryger from the School of Medicine spoke at an event titled ‘Sleep Well and Succeed in Grad School,’ advising students on how to improve their likely chaotic and sporadic sleep schedules. Attendees also enjoyed milk and cookies from Insomnia Cookies and a chance to decorate their own sleep masks.

Aim lower. Everybody should have their blank sheets and scissors at the ready. University President Peter Salovey’s Halloween Party in Commons tonight features a number of costume contest, including one for “lamest costume.”

Statistically scary. Scientists convention? More like mad scientists convention. The Center for Science and Social Science Information is hosting an hour-long workshop “Monster Mashup: Night of the Living Data” at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday in the CSSSI StatLab. Teaching statistics with a Halloween twist, the presentations will include investigations into UFO sightings, sasquatch appearances, witch trials and ghost hauntings. “Dr. Frankenstein mashed up body parts. Modern researchers mash up data,” the event description read.

Train to the red light district? Through an unfortunate typographical error, or perhaps a crude prank, a departure schedule sign at Union Station mistakenly read “Whore Line East” instead of “Shore Line East” on Wednesday.

Boo State continues. “More Halloween Treats!!” read an announcement from Blue State Coffee on Wednesday. In addition to the candy corn vanilla bean cupcakes offered this past week, the baked goods section will now also feature candy bar brownies, Halloween chip cookies and gluten-free pumpkin cookie cakes with spiced cream cheese frosting. What precisely differentiates a “Halloween chip cookie” from one of the regular chocolate chip variety was unspecified.

HallowQueenTown… is the clever name chosen for the Co-op’s Halloween weekend party.

This day in Yale history 1985 Anti-apartheid activists stage a protest outside the home of University President Bart Giamatti’s home to encourage divestment from business that operate in South Africa. The protest, organized by the South Africa Action Committee, lasts for two hours.

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