Free lunch. An entire week of lectures for European Economic History (ECON 186) was cancelled this week due to errors in room booking. Students and the professor arrived at the course’s usual lecture hall on Tuesday to find the space already claimed by another event.

Class and sweaters. Among the commonalities that knit Yalies together is a fondness for schlepping to and fro in the dead of winter wrapped in preppy sweaters. Hillflint, a startup touting “luxury sweaters,” has expanded their offering of Ivy League raglans to Yale. The first of their “soft as butter,” “delivered by Christmas” items includes a set of “flagship Australian Merino Wool” class sweaters customized by graduation year. Perfect for pairing with your Nantucket reds, all in true East Coast private school style. Each wool wear experience will cost you $99.00.

Creature from the Trash Lagoon. Students on their way to class Tuesday were assaulted by the sight of a creature covered in plastic bags and carrying the sign “it’s GROWING in your kitchen.” The ‘Bag Monster’ was part of a campaign from Sustainability Service Corps urging students sign a sustainability pledge.

Boo State? Halloween specials are being offered in the baked goods section of Blue State. Those getting a start on their trick or treating will find vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream frosting and candy corn decorations at the coffee shops this week.

Library grows ever larger. Yale was fortunate enough to acquire yet another catalog of ancient but respected literature. Professor Toshiyuki Takamiya of Keio University in Japan lent what may be the largest set of privately owned Middle English texts to the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Among the 51 items are three copies of The Canterbury Tales, amazing entities if only because they were produced entirely without the aid of the printing press — a section reading experience like no other…

Back for more. Director of the recent The Spectacular Now (2013) James Ponsoldt ’01 visited campus this week for a Master’s Tea in Morse and a screening of his 2012 film Smashed. Back in the day, Ponsoldt was quite the campus personality: Yale College Council President, varsity wide receiver, as well as managing editor of the Yale Daily News Magazine.

This day in Yale history 1990 The dedication of the William Sloane Coffin ’49 common room is held in Rosenfeld Hall. Over 100 attend. Coffin served as the University chaplain from 1958 to 1975.

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