On a Sunday morning walk, 24-year-old New Haven resident J.R. Glasper passed Augusta Lewis Troup School to find that a late-night shooting had left bullet holes in the school’s windows.

The victim of the early Sunday morning shooting survived, preventing the city’s 2013 homicide total from jumping to 16. At 2:06 a.m., the New Haven Police Department dispatched officers to Platt St. in response to several reports of shots fired and a man down. The victim, 34-year-old Leroy White, survived the incident and was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital from the scene. White is in stable condition and spoke with the NHPD and hospital staff, according to a NHPD press release. The press release also said that the police have not yet announced an official suspect, but will release an update of the investigation on Monday.

“Officers arrived quickly and found [the victim]. He’d suffered several gunshot wounds and was outside of 20 Platt Street,” department spokesman David Hartman said in the release.

The shooting took place somewhere between Augusta Lewis Troup School and a house at 20 Platt St., which are on opposite sides of Platt St. near a side entrance of the school. The scene of the shooting is only 10 blocks from Old Campus, near the shopping center on the corner of Whalley Ave. and Orchard St. The Stop & Shop Supermarket — a five-minute walk from the shooting — is a popular location for University students to buy groceries.

Though it appears that the shooting took place directly in front of the house, the victim was found further up Platt St. near its intersection with Edgewood Ave. In addition to the multiple bullet wounds found in the victim’s body by emergency services at the scene of the crime, bullet holes were found on both sides of Platt St. — both on the wood paneling next to a house’s front door and also on the ground-level windows at Augusta Lewis Troup’s cafeteria across the street. Yellow police tape was on the ground outside the school’s windows on Sunday morning.

Residents of the house with the bullet hole said that they did not witness the incident, but that they did come out onto the street after they heard gunfire. The residents said that several police cars arrived at the scene, and that the police remained at the scene for a while. None of the residents recognized the name of the victim, and confirmed that he does not live at 20 Platt St. The four residents of the house declined to give their names.

The New Haven Police Department has made progress in the investigation, but it is still unclear who was involved and when that information will be released.

“Although Police have leads in this crime, Detectives are interested in any information from the public who may have witnessed the incident,” Hartman also said in the release. “Updates on this investigation — should there be any, will be released on Monday.”

Glasper, the resident who observed the bullet holes in Augusta Lewis Troup school, lives on Elm St. near the scene of the crime. Although he did not know the victim, he said this incident does have an effect on the local community.

Glasper was playing football with children from the neighborhood on the school’s playground Sunday morning, an activity he said he hopes serves to preserve morale in the community and to keep the children safe and out of trouble.

“It’s a good community. You just have bad apples everywhere,” Glasper said. “People talk about it, but I just keep moving because I don’t have time to dwell on anything like this … you just have to stay positive and keep hoping,” Glasper said.

In 2012 there were 1,870 violent crimes committed in New Haven.