Snap, crackle, popstar. Chloe Drimal ’13 wrote a guest column for the News in Dec. 2012 about the phenomenon of Snapchat. Drimal recently made a short cameo in the new video introducing Snapchat Stories. According to her 2012 column, her username is Chaoticklowy, and “I accept silly faces, hungover stares and of course, formal invites” according to her column. Snaps to that.

Farm to table. The Yale Farm is doing more than growing vegetables this weekend. The 7th Annual Jack Hitt Pig Roast will be held at the farm on Friday afternoon to mark the start of symposium on food and urbanization. The menu consists of roasted pig paired with a salsa made from the farm’s green tomatoes.

Slumdog Millionaire. For Jeopardy!’s 30th anniversary, the show is holding a Battle of the Decades Fan Favorites voting competition. The winner will join 44 other former contestants in a Battle of the Decades tournament in 2014. Yalies not as well-versed in trivia may be able to live vicariously through Ryan Chaffee ’99. Chaffee is up for the win in the voting competition as he was a four-time champion in 2009. “I have loved Jeopardy! my entire life, and this has all been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream,” Chaffee told the News.

A series of unfortunate events. In a saga not even Lemony Snicket could dream up, a flash food of sorts devastated Saybrook College Wednesday evening. Six floors of Saybrook were flooded or partially flooded in Entryway H this evening after a fire valve was turned on. Firemen were quickly called to the scene to turn off the leak, but water continued to flood the entryway, spilling out of the ground floor door. The incident occurred in Saybrook’s Entryway H, an entryway that is also in close proximity to the college’s library, common room, and dining hall and rumors circulated the situation was no accident. Count Olaf? Aunt Josephine? Esme Squalor?

Hindy 500. No far is too far to go for art, not even thousands of miles on foot. In fact, Greg Hindy ’13 has completed around 1600 miles so far as part of his performance art project. Hindy took a vow of silence for one year and is walking a 6000 mile route while taking photographs. Many boxes of 4 x 5 film have been mailed home for safe keeping so far, said his father Carl Hindy.

This day in Yale history 1963 A campus-wide contest searches for the “leading swinger on campus,” a man with an “irrefutable reputation for the fairer sex” in the first Yale Smooch Contest. The contest is sponsored by a large manufacturing firm at the “’ace’ Ivy League” colleges. Yale’s contest is hosted by the News.

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