Six floors of Saybrook were flooded or partially flooded in Entryway H this evening after a fire valve was turned on, according to Saybrook Master Paul Hudak and students interviewed. The event may not have been an accident, according to students.

At roughly 8:20 PM in Saybrook College, an activated fire valve triggered a fire alarm, causing students to evacuate their suites. The incident occurred in Saybrook’s Entryway H, an entryway that is also in close proximity to the college’s library, common room, and dining hall.

“Theories are emerging that interpret this as the latest in a series of biblical plagues to hit the college, perhaps as God’s revenge for the poopetrator,” said Teresa Logue ’15, a Saybrook resident.

Rumors are circulating that the occurrence was not an accident. The master and dean were heard discussing who may have been involved in triggering the incident. According to student discussions on Facebook, a garbage bag was hung from the sprinkler to trigger the flooding.

Firemen were quickly called to the scene to turn off the leak, but water continued to flood the entryway, spilling out of the ground floor door. Saybrook Master’s Aide Stuart Teal ’14 said two sophomore suites were affected by water leaks.

Saybrook’s Common Room was heavily hit by the leak. Furniture has been moved out of the common room into the dining hall, and the rugs will have to be replaced. The remaining water is currently pooled into the basement game room, and workers are currently in the process of removing the water.

The cause of the leak has yet to be determined.