This is your chance, your chance to dance. The La Casa Latino Cultural Center has put out an ad calling for “23 couples to dance!” On Sunday, La Casa has arranged for the Guild of Carillonneurs to play Celia Cruz’s hit salsa number La Vida Es Un Carnaval — “a staple in all Latino playlists” — at noon. The dancing, to be held at the base of Harkness Tower at the Branford Memorial Gate, is taking place in honor of the Puerto Rican roots of Salovey’s wife, Marta Moret SPH ’84. “This festive salsa song recognizes the challenges that come with life, but its core message is to remind us that life is beautiful and must be celebrated,” the announcement pronounced insightfully.

Yellow fever? It is a heavily debated issue whether or not strains of “Asian fetish” exist in the romantic lives of Yale students, but the Asian American Cultural Center is putting the issue under the academic microscope. Leslie Bow, a professor from the University of Wisconson, will be on campus today for a talk that will cover “Asian Fetish: Race and the Politics of Fantasy.” Whether the discussion of racial constructs will solve or further complicate questions for attendees remains to be seen.

A Geneva conference, of sorts. All eight members of the Ivy League sent their particular brand of high-achieving students to the Ivy Leadership Summit at Brown this weekend. Over 100 of the nation’s greatest collegiate minds — along with some students from select Chinese universities also participating —assembled to tackle issues of the “digital future.”

Bloody battlefield. On Saturday afternoon on Old Campus, Robert Hess ’15 checkmated his opponent and won a chess game. Then he won another. Then another. Then another. This continued until he had brutally beaten more than 55 players, losing only two and drawing one. By the end of the day, the grandmaster had left only a trail of bruised Yale egos and knocked-over pawns in his wake.

What money could buy you. Students with $145 of spare change and a penchant for the finer things in life can treat themselves to a four-course meal and champagne pairings later this month. In a newly announced event, Ibiza is offering a night of Champagne Tasting to those willing to offer over one hundred dollars in return. One can dream.

This day in Yale history, 1980 “Gay Straight Rap” organized by the Gay Student Center and Yalesbians brings students of different sexual orientations together through hip-hop performance. The event continues despite most of the promotional posters having been torn down and mutilated.

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