Laundering money. An enterprising Yale student has begun to capitalize off the Saybrook laundry scandal.For students who have not had the opportunity to have their clothing soiled by the “poopetrator,” brown shirts with “#poopetrator” on them are now available for sale. The shirts being sold anonymously on are “brown so if the poopetrator strikes again, at least no one will be able to tell.” Each Hanes tagless tee will run at $10. Updates on the case here.

The blacklist. If there is one things Yale undergraduates have learned over the past year, it is that replying ‘M’ does not mute a chain of emails. Over five dozen undergraduates either do not have a basic understanding of email or still find the “replyallcalypse” funny. At least the contributors have all made their names completely public through Belle Bells’ email chains. Let the public shaming begin…

The last frozen margarita. Hearts sank across Saybrook College Friday morning after an announcement from the Saybrook College Council declared that “Viva’s Night” had been cancelled. The cancellation came after Viva Zapata’s decided not to allow anyone under the age of 21 to enter the establishment as a result of new police patrols in the area looking specifically for underaged drinkers. “As this prevents nearly 75% of Saybrugians from even being eligible to attend and because of how important and expensive the event is, we have elected to postpone Viva’s night,” the announcement stated. The future of the frozen margarita festivities is unclear.

Free pumpkins. In case students did not previously have a reason to begin their fall shopping with the stores lining Chapel Street and Broadway, the Shops at Yale are now offering the added incentive of “a free mini pumpkin while supplies last.” All the potential jack’o lanterns are being supplied by Van Wilgen’s Garden Center. It was unclear whether the addendum “while supplies last” was meant to suggest that the pumpkins were perishable or in high demand.

Elm City bling ring. In a sting operation dubbed “Operation Apple Harvest,” the New Haven Police Department pulled off a successful sting operation last week and re-possessed thousands of stolen electronic devices from local stores. The enormous net of phones, pagers, cameras and other goods are being kept in a 2,250 square foot warehouse in Fair Haven for the moment.

This day in Yale history 1918. Freshmen Clarence Bushnell ’22 becomes the first Yale student to die in the Spanish influenza epidemic.