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SAN LUIS OBISPO 6:27 p.m. – Football teams are notorious for hiding their offensive and defensive secrets, using ploys from hand signals to gigantic play-cards to obscure their intentions. Judging by today’s unlikely practice location, Yale is preparing with these concerns in mind.

Prior to the official team walkthrough at Cal Poly, the Bulldogs practiced outside in the hotel parking lot. In an effort to keep the Cal Poly coaching staff’s watchful eyes away, head coach Tony Reno conducted a brief practice session there before heading over to Alex G. Spanos Stadium, home of the Mustangs.

At the stadium, the team stretched, checked out the field conditions and ran a minimal number of special teams plays and offensive snaps.

After some more positional meetings and a team-wide meeting, the Bulldogs will have a team dinner tonight before the players head to bed early.

Tomorrow’s game kicks off at 5 P.M. EST.

Team at practice

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 12:19 p.m. –The Yale football team began its longest road trip of the season yesterday evening.

A privately chartered flight carrying the Yale team touched down at Santa Maria Airport on Thursday, after which the players enjoyed a team dinner at the home of California native and center John Oppenheimer ’14.

Near the end of the dinner, Coach Tony Reno introduced Cal Poly president Jeffrey Armstrong, who offered the Elis a word of fair warning.

“I wish you a great game, I wish you a safe game, but I don’t wish you a victory,” Armstrong said to the gathering of players, parents, and assorted Yale staff members.

Friday is a busy day for the Elis. Following an early breakfast, the team split into positional groups for film study and meetings. The Bulldogs are now in practice gear as they head off to Cal Poly’s campus for their walkthrough.

Private flight.

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