Braving the abyss. There is no hell like waiting in a single-file line with dozens of your peers in a basement below L-Dub. A sign has appeared above the door of the post office on Old campus that reads “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” and carries the United States Postal Service logo. On various class Facebook pages, students have already suggested taking over the operation themselves entirely, in order to implement more effective processes. Although the USPS did not shut down along with the rest of the government, it remains to be seen whether a mutiny will occur. Previously reported here.

A Don Draper touch. Although arguably more alternative than the Mad Men crowd, the “alt-rock” radio station WMRQ-FM has taken out two avante-garde billboard advertisements — a sign on Whalley Avenue that states only “foo fighters. foo you!” and another on Winthrop Avenue that is upside down. No futher explanation was provided in either case.

A light in the dark. Those who wander down just a block past the New Haven Green early evening today may stumble upon pathways of luminaria. Around six, restaurants will start setting out open air seating and the New Haven orchestra will begin warming up. Soon the square will be studded with spectacles of light art, perhaps the vague imprints of phantom ships. Friday marks the annual LAMP or Light Artists Making Places festival, and the theme this year is the ‘Phantom Ship of New Haven,’ a 17th century vessel that was lost at sea but which some say can still be seen misty autumn nights on the Elm City horizon.

Theme makes the party. Evidently anything can pass as a theme nowadays, at least in Ezra Stiles. According to a recent announcement from the college council on the upcoming Stiles Screw, themes on the table include odd mash-ups such as “Business Casual Fictional Creatures” and “Semi-Formal Lumberjacks.” The architecturally unique college is also considering literary references — “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Crucible” — as well as tacky prom motifs like “Enchantment Under the Sea.” Oh, to be a Stilesian…

Immigration nation. Storefronts and windows are being wrapped in black and white, half-toned photographs of local immigrants and immigrant supporters. The retro-art campaign was put on by JUNTA for Progressive Action, a group that advocates for immigration reform, in preparation for the National Day for Human Dignity and Respect on Saturday.

This day in Yale history 1943. For the good of the country, the Whiffenpoofs announce they will disband for the duration of the war — songs, tuxedos and all.

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