It is not every day that someone comes face-to-face with the person whose life they saved, but that’s exactly what happened when Philip Gosnell ’14 on Sunday at Fenway Park.

Next to baseball legend Carl Yastrzemski, Gosnell came face-to-face with his “blood brother,” who had been suffering from severe aplastic anemia before Gosnell donated his bone marrow. The two were honored in front of a crowded stadium on Sunday night.

Gosnell, who signed up as a freshman to be a bone marrow donor through the Mandi Schwartz Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive, was notified shortly afterward that he was a perfect match for a 16-year-old high school student and athlete.

The Mandi Schwartz Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive is held every year in honor of Mandi Schwartz ’11, a Yale women’s hockey player who passed away in 2011 from leukemia. Last year’s drive was held outside Commons and registered 847 people.