Nearly two weeks after clinching the democratic nomination to be the next mayor of New Haven, Toni Harp ARC ’78 will receive yet another endorsement from a major player in the city’s politics.

Longtime Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro plans to endorse Harp during a “Democratic Unity Rally” in Wooster Square Monday afternoon. DeLauro, who withheld from endorsing any candidate during the four-way democratic primary, is one of the most significant figures in the New Haven community, having held her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1991.

DeLauro is only the latest in a long string of establishment endorsements for Harp, which have included Gov. Dannel Malloy, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy and State Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney.

One of the most progressive members of the House of Representatives, DeLauro grew up in Wooster Square. City politicians frequently seek her support, given her immense popularity in the city. And although Harp has sought to distance herself from Mayor John DeStefano, Jr.’s administration, DeLauro maintains close ties to the 20-year mayor. The Congresswoman introduced DeStefano at his retirement announcement earlier this year.

DeLauro’s mother, Luisa DeLauro, served on the Board of Aldermen.