In typical Yale Precision Marching Band fashion, Yale’s favorite and only marching band attempted to outperform this year’s most stupidly hilarious viral video — Ylvis’s “The Fox” — by rewriting portions of the song and making its own video set on Yale’s campus.

Mimicking the progression of the Ylvis’s original song, the video depicts YPMB members dressed in ridiculous animal costumes playing various instruments. Timothy Gladding ’14 sings the first verse, telling us what sound each instrument makes, though the sounds actually correspond to the costumes. (FYI, YPMB: Saxes don’t meow!) As Gladding concludes the first bridge, the song’s central mystery is revealed: “What does the glock say?”

The song then moves into the chorus, which features band members dancing in Pierson courtyard. Kudos to them for managing to dance in unison, but that doesn’t excuse the glock in question from bothering me as the video was being filmed right outside my window. (Sidenote: At one point, I was so annoyed that I nearly defenestrated my two YPMB suitemates, forgetting that they had actually opted not to participate in the shoot.)

The rest of the video isn’t as funny as the first half, perhaps because, for whatever reason, Gladding doesn’t sing the second verse in his absurdly serious baritone. Still, the video is good for a quick chuckle or two, especially if you need something to push you through to the weekend.

And lastly, (SPOILER ALERT) be sure to watch out for the glock player in the Stacks! Wouldn’t want that foxy creature spying on your secret “studying,” would you?

Watch the full video below: