North Haven High School students donned leggings and yoga pants on Monday morning to protest a potential change in the school’s dress code.

Last Friday, a rumor that administrators planned to ban yoga pants and leggings spread among the student body and prompted concerned students dedicated to their right to spandex to organize, via social media, a protest objecting to the imminent regulation. Male and female students alike walked the halls in the to-be-banned legwear and signed a petition against the restriction.

Though students were convinced of the validity of the rumor, Principal Russel J. Dallai told The Hartford Courant that administrators have no intentions to change the dress code this year, and he suggested that the rumor stemmed from a discussion among students last Friday.

Talk of a ban on leggings and yoga pants particularly upset female students, who claim that the regulation would target female attire without addressing “inappropriate” male apparel.

“A guy can wear a muscle shirt, and they have more freedom as to what they can wear — but they are putting more restrictions on the girls of the school than the guys, and I just don’t think that’s fair,” senior Nathaly Roman told the Courant.

In response to student concerns about the dress code, administrators organized a meeting for students, parents and faculty to discuss “appropriate attire.”

“We want to work with our kids so they can understand that things need to be school-appropriate. Our intention is that the dress code is always appropriate, but there are no new changes to the dress code,” Dallai told the Courant.

The meeting was scheduled to take place in the school library following class dismissal on Wednesday.