The 101 on G&G 100. Students in “Natural Disasters” —affectionately known as “Natty D” or “Frat-ural Disasters” for its relatively light workload — can now receive free one-on-one tutors for help in the class, which is a popular science credit for non-science majors. The course boasts “good” to “excellent” assessments on Yale Blue Book and covers earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and landslides, as well as the consequences of global warming.

Upward trend. Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73 has been ranked the fourth wealthiest member of Congress, moving up two spots since last year on CQ Roll Call’s list of the richest on Capitol Hill. According to CQ Roll Call, Blumenthal’s net worth went from $79.21 million last year to $85.32 million this year.

Continuing the conversation. Following the Washington Navy Yard shootings on Monday, members of the Newtown Action Alliance (NAA) are now incorporating the recent shootings in Washington, D.C. in their calls for gun control legislation. Members of the NAA are expected to meet with legislators in the next few days, and Connecticut Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal have both called for gun reform.

Advice for the media. New Haven Police Department spokesman David Hartman had a few words for media representatives on Tuesday when he sent reporters an email with “Press Notice” as the subject line after journalists flooded his inbox with questions about a recent shooting. In an all-caps message, Hartmon wrote, “The more you call, the longer it will take to finish this press release. If you want the information delayed even longer, keep calling. Got it?!”

Home sweet home. Helen Hadley Hall, a residential space for graduate students, recently welcomed back 200 residents after undergoing a year of renovations. The additions to the dorm included  new carpeting, fresh paint, modern lounge furniture, an upgraded air conditioning system, multi-speed ceiling fans and — most importantly — a marker board spanning the width of the elevator lobby.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1970 Yale begins requiring students to check in with a guard when visiting students of the opposite sex in Vanderbilt Hall. With the new system, the guard on duty must notify the Vanderbilt resident in question before escorting his or her visitor into the building. According to an official, the plan aims to reduce thefts and other security problems on campus.

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