Voter turnout for today’s Democratic primary in Ward 22 remained low, with just 392 voters showing up by 6 p.m.

The number of people that votes typically ranges from 400 to 450, said Ward 22 Greg Morehead, who has represented the district from 2007-’11. He added that he hopes to see at least 1,000 voters in each election. The last time the ward had over 1,000 voters was for the presidential election.

“The weather doesn’t help,” Morehead added, referring to the rain earlier in the day.

Ward 22 typically sees high turnout among Yale students from Ezra Stiles, Morse, Timothy Dwight and Silliman Colleges.

Josef Goodman, co-chair of the ward who has been working on the Jeanette Morrison campaign, helped transport 25 Yale students to Ward 22 today.

 Morrison said she believes more students should get involved with local issues.

“It makes the ward committee more inclusive,” she said. “Going to school is just one piece of your education.”