Don’t forget. If you’re a member of the Class of 2017, your course schedules are due by 5 p.m. today. On the dot. Get those papers ready.

Smile! You’re on TV. Eric Stern ’15 appeared on Fox News’ “The Hannity Show” on Friday to participate in Hannity’s “College Forum,” a special episode with seven college Republicans and Democrats from across the country. Stern, a member of the Yale Dems, discussed the Affordable Care Act, budget deficit and taxes with the other 13 guests as Hannity moderated — and occasionally cut short — the discussion. At one point, when Hannity mentioned a study by The Cato Institute, Stern rolled his eyes, prompting Hannity to respond, “It’s a libertarian think tank!”

Around the country in 457 days. Yale alumnus Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent ’13 completed his 4,000-mile cross-country bike trip on Friday, pedaling up to the Golden Gate Bridge and finishing a journey he started more than a year ago from Virginia Beach, Va. that took him to Aurora, Colo. in July 2012 for the Dark Knight Rises premiere. Rodriguez-Torrent, one of the survivors of the Aurora shooting, decided to finish the final leg of his bike trip where he left off: at the Century Aurora multiplex. Rodriguez-Torrent told the News that he rode for the dual purpose of completing the trip and raising money for victims with serious lifelong injuries. He plans to become a New Haven police officer.

Democracy in action. Campaigning for Yale College Council and Class Council elections begin today at 5 p.m. Candidates interested in running for office are allowed to solicit votes and upload promotional material during this time period. Elections will be held online from Sept. 11-12.

Tragedy in Milford. Thirteen children were injured in a carnival ride accident during the Norwalk Oyster Festival on Sunday. According to police reports, the swing ride lost power while children were airborne in the swings, and the machine continued to spin during the breakdown, dragging some chairs and their riders along the ground. Though all carnival rides during the festival were shut down after the accident, the three-day event remained open to the public.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1991 The University agrees to stop charging the government for a number of luxury items deemed inappropriate and unrelated to research activities, including hotel room expenses, flowers and salaries for fundraisers. The move comes after a federal audit of Stanford University found a number of fiscal abuses. Yale officials expect the University’s current 68 percent overhead reimbursement rate to be reduced significantly.