PSA. Today is chicken tenders day. You’re welcome.

Can’t be tamed. Professor Lloyd Grieger channeled pop star Miley Cyrus in his GLBL 121 “Applied Quantitative Analysis” lecture on Wednesday when he admitted that the only way to capture Yalies’ attentions is to pop out of a giant bear — a timely reference to Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMA awards earlier this week.

The hard truth. In his packed CPSC 183 “Law, Technology & Culture” lecture on Wednesday, Professor Brad Rosen gave students an idea of what his ideal classroom would look like. “I would love a room full of 110 section a–holes.” he admitted. And, in a similar truth-telling vein, Professor Adam Tooze in his HIST 277 “Great Recession as History” course described the financial crisis in laymen’s terms, writing “OMG what the f–k just happened?! ” on the board. Well said.

It’s hard to be popular. And, as happens every year, certain courses were overflowing with students. Organic Chemistry, Intelligent Robotics and The Next China was reportedly packed, with several determined Yalies making themselves comfortable on the staircases. Administrators are setting up a “simulcast” for Organic Chemistry students on Friday to meet demand.

The saga continues. On Wednesday morning, demolition crews and state workers ripped apart the final part of the East Haven home that a charter plane crashed into on August 9. Four people died in the accident.

Staying hydrated. For those of you who identify as water connoisseurs, there may be a panlist for you. Yalies have started a new “Seltzerlovers” mailing list that aims to spread the love of Seltzer water. The new panlist will send subscribers updates about Seltzer water availability in residential college dining halls, and is currently accepting Seltzer-related stories from the summer.

Trouble in Colorado. Two students have filed a Clery Act complaint against the University of Colorado at Boulder, saying the university did not properly report sexual misconduct crimes. Yale was fined $155,000 over the summer after the Department of Education concluded a 7-year investigation into the University’s Clery Act compliance.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1942 Five hundred Yalies volunteer to help local farmers pick pears at the Henry Farm in Wallingford, Conn. The effort is part of a plan to help nearby farmers during harvest season, and has been praised by the Farm Employment Bureau .