The possible path to the White House for Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 may bring her to New Haven for a position on the Yale faculty.

A Politico story this week claimed that Clinton has been “fielding offers” to join the faculties of several universities and colleges, including Yale, New York University, Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Baruch College. The article, which relies on three anonymous sources, does not provide further details about Clinton’s possible academic future in New Haven, but it notes that an academic position would give Clinton a valuable platform for a presidential campaign.

If Yale is vying for the powerful alumna, the school is staying quiet at the moment: University Spokesman Tom Conroy told the News Yale “would defer to [Clinton] for any comment about the Politico story.”

A quick search of the Yale Bluebook did not return any results for her classes this year, so fans of the former Secretary of State and recent Twitter sensation will have to remain in anticipation.

Clinton can next be seen will on campus Oct. 5 when she will receive an Award of Merit from the Yale Law School Alumni Association in Woolsey Hall.