The Department of Education has reduced the $165,000 fine imposed on Yale in May for inadequate reporting of campus crime incidents by $10,000, according to a July 9 letter to the University’s counsel.

The original $165,000 fine was imposed after a 7-year investigation into Yale’s Clery Act compliance, which concluded that the University omitted four incidents of sex offense and crime statistics from the Yale-New Haven Hospital in its annual crime report and did not include seven required policy statements in its 2004 security report.

In its response to the DOE’s conclusions, Yale argued that its fine should be reduced because the seven required policy statements were later included in its April 2005 addendum to the 2004 report, according to the letter. Due to this 2005 revision and because the Clery Act violation occured almost eight years ago, the DOE reduced the fine omitted policy statements from $27,500 to $17,500.

The letter noted, though, that Yale only corrected its missing policy statements once they were identified by the DOE.

“[The] correction did not occur until close to the end of the 2004-2005 academic year, thereby limiting the value of the correction to students, employees and prospective students and employees,” the letter states.

The DOE rejected Yale’s other requests for fine reductions, according to the letter.