The more than 150 students from Yale-NUS College’s inaugural class arrived in New Haven last week to attend a three-week long orientation program at Yale.

The students, housed in Berkeley College along with the orientation program’s faculty, will attend seminars and lectures taught by Yale and Yale-NUS professors, but will not be awarded course credits or receive grades for their performance. In addition to attending classes, they will be challenged to create student organizations which they can then take to Singapore. The program aims to “create student and faculty cohesion, jump-start student extracurricular and residential life and instigate Yale-NUS school spirit,” according to Yale-NUS’s website.

Each week of the program will have a different theme: the first week will focus on environment and sustainability, the second on migration and urbanization and the third on leadership.

Before traveling to New Haven, the Singaporean college’s inaugural class attended a convocation ceremony in Singapore on July 3. After the orientation, students will begin classes on the Yale-NUS campus.