In an effort to estimate candidates’ ability to think on their feet better, the Yale School of Management will require future applicants to videotape some of their application answers.

SOM Director of Admissions Bruce DelMonico told Businessweek earlier this week that the new initiative aims to supplement the interview portion of the application process, since candidates’ answers during interviews may be scripted beforehand and an interviewer’s opinion of a candidate may not be shared by all admissions officers. DelMonico said that the video portion of the application will likely take the following form: applicants will have 10-20 seconds to draft and one minute to record their answers to each of three questions, which they will receive via a website. Questions may require applicants to talk about past experiences, to respond to a statement and to interpret data.

“Obviously being able to think and speak in the moment is an important quality for business leaders and the people we want to bring into our program,” DelMonico said.

Admissions officers will use an applicant’s videotaped and written responses to decide whether he or she should be invited for an on-campus interview. Because of the new application element, DelMonico said the number of essay questions will likely be decreased from four to two.