On Thursday night, a committee of aldermen voted 17-7 to sell sections of High and Wall streets to the University for $3 million.

A 1990 deal gave Yale temporary control over High Street between Elm and Grove streets and Wall Street between College and York streets, but Thursday’s proposal would transfer ownership of these streets to Yale forever. The sale only needs to be approved by a vote of the full Board of Aldermen vote before it officially passes.

After 20 years of the 1990 deal, a required review opened up debate and discussion about the future of these streets two years ago. Aldermen in support of the transfer argued at Thursday’s meeting that these street sections, right by Cross Campus, are functionally owned by Yale, whereas those opposed expressed concern about handing over control to Yale forever with no way of knowing how the University will potentially change accessibility to the public in the future, according to the New Haven Independent.

In addition to these streets, the committee of aldermen recommended the city sell the section of sidewalk in front of the Yale Bookstore on Broadway to the University for $8,190. The 182-sqaure-foot area would be used for a building addition and a new sign.

The full Board of Aldermen will vote on the street sale on June 3.