The familiar Au Bon Pain at the corner of Broadway and York may soon shut its doors.

Two employees of Au Bon Pain confirmed that the bakery at 1 Broadway is scheduled to close Monday. Mindy Matteo, the manager at Origins, which is next door to Au Bon Pain, said that though there has not been any official notice from University Properties, the employees at Au Bon Pain have told her that the store is closing. Ashley Griffin, an employee at Enclave, which is also located on Broadway, said she heard that Au Bon Pain employees were informed of the store’s impending closure on Thursday, but she added that she has not talked to any employees at Au Bon Pain directly.

An employee at Denali, two doors down from Au Bon Pain, said that he thought both Origins and Au Bon Pain were closing to make room for a bigger store, though he is not sure what that store may be. He added that he thought the plan has been in the works for a while, but that renovations take place all the time on Broadway and so it is hard to tell what exact changes will be made at any given time.

The manager at Au Bon Pain on Broadway declined to comment.

Cynthia Hua contributed reporting.