Former Congressman Anthony Weiner announced last week that Danny Kedem, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s campaign manager during the 2011 mayoral race, will serve as campaign manager for his bid to replace Michael Bloomberg as New York City’s mayor.

“He’s earned the right to take the next step,” DeStefano said in an interview with the New York Times, acknowledging that New Haven “ain’t New York City” and that the Big Apple is a “step up.”

During the interview, DeStefano said that Kedem was good with details and able to motivate campaign workers during what was his 10th and final run for mayor.

The Times article called Kedem “relatively untested” and reported that Weiner, who officially announced his candidacy via a Youtube video on Tuesday, may be having difficulty recruiting prominent people to his campaign, due to both his late entry into the race and ongoing recovery from a scandal regarding sexually explicit messages and images he sent to women he met online.

Weiner’s usual adviser, the consulting firm GMMB, will not work with him on his mayoral campaign. Weiner also unsuccessfully sought help for his campaign from a number of former Congressional aides and outsiders, the Times reported.

Kedem could not be reached for comment.