Two Metro North trains collided near Fairfield, Conn., at around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, injuring about 60 people just before Commencement weekend. 

Metro-North service between South Norwalk and New Haven has been suspended since the incident, and Amtrak service between New York and New Haven has been indefinitely suspended. Conn. Gov. Dannel Malloy said on Friday that regular train service will return on Monday at the earliest, and University Secretary Kimberly Goff-Crews acknowledged in an online announcement that many people who were planning on taking the train to Commencement will now have to drive or find other means of transportation.

“This suspension of train service will cause additional traffic on the roadways to campus and extra time should be allowed for travel. Also, this year’s Commencement ceremony falls on a regular business day, creating even more traffic congestion and parking needs on Monday,” Goff-Crews wrote.

The University has set up a Facebook page intended to facilitate ride-sharing arrangements for those who need the service to get to campus in time for Commencement ceremonies. Four people, including a graduating senior, have posted requests for ride shares as of Saturday evening.

There will also be free parking at the Pierson-Sage Garage, located on the corner of Whitney and Edwards Street, and the University will run shuttles between the garage and Old Campus.

Class Day exercises will be held tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.