The “most beloved figure at Yale” is here to stay.

In an email to the Ezra Stiles community this afternoon, President-elect Peter Salovey and Dean of Yale College Mary Miller announced that Stephen Pitti ’91 will be re-appointed master of Stiles for a five-year term beginning July 1. The re-appointment was recommended by a committee of Stiles fellows that found “overwhelmingly positive support” for Pitti’s reappointment among students, fellows and staff in the college.

“The decision was a pretty simple one,” said Matthew Jacobson, chair of the committee. “The committee emerged from our inquiry with the distinct impression that Pitti may well be the most beloved figure at Yale.”

Pitti said he feels it is the role of the master to get to know students as “whole people,” not just in a classroom setting, in the same approach Yale College takes in the admissions process.

“I would say that I’m very honored to be invited back as master of the college, and it’s certainly been a position that has been very exciting for me and my family to spend another five years or so around some of the most interesting people in the planet,” Pitti said.