The Whiffenpoofs can now add “Glee” to the growing list of TV shows where they have performed. On Thursday, Yale’s senior male a cappella group appeared on Glee’s Season 4 finale as the “world-famous Waffletoots,” a show choir hailing from a fictitious prep school in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Waffletoots competed against The New Directions, the main show choir on “Glee,” in the 2013 Midwest Regional Show Choir Championship. Despite the Waffletoots’s strong performance of “Rainbow Connection,” which was originally performed by Kermit the Frog, the makeshift choir ultimately lost to The New Directions.

The Whiffenpoofs have performed in two benefit concerts with “Glee” cast member Darren Criss. Other television shows the Whiffenpoofs have appeared on include “The West Wing,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Gilmore Girls,” “The Sing-Off” and “Jeopardy!”