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What often distracts me these days as I sit in the library staring at my computer screen isn’t the river of headlines or the steady stream of noise collecting on the next tab, but rather some unseen soundboard of springtime emanating from without. There is the shadowy “night bird” that I’ve yet to identify, whose circuitous whirl defiantly inverts my expectations of darkness (I thank him for this). There are the ROTC recruits locked in step on the Cross(ed) Campus, whose imperial grunting defies any shred of wisdom (and adds a touch of irony) to whatever I might glean from the parsed pages around me. And then — what is for me the most piquing aural distraction of them all — there’s the high-strung din of six-stroke engines ripping down Elm Street, whose ruckus, like the “night bird,” similarly upsets mine and everyone else’s sense of order (to be sure, I thank them for this, too). And yet, in New Haven, it’s the “Harlem Shake” that’s universally despised.

On the New Haven Indy, one Fair Haven mother complains of the roar, saying her 11-month-old daughter’s first word was “brrrrrrrrr … ”

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Heard u

One “Wildwest” posts: “why don’t you kids raise some money and buy some land?”

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Payy Upp


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New Haven BIKE LIFE is the 203 chapter of the nationwide collective of urban motocross riders that’s coalesced at the behest of A$AP TyY, the self-proclaimed first “street motocross rider to be sponsored by a major brand” and one lesser-known member of the incendiary hip-hop group the A$AP Mob. On a recent stop at Toad’s Place, members of the Mob joined forces with the riders of the 203 203 and cut together a short film of concert footage, wheelies and tailspins (you can find this on The “12 o’clock,” when the nose of the bike points to the sky, is the Tony Hawk “1080” of the BIKE LIFE: once a mark of a true genius, now but a kowtow to an innovator’s past.

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Stunting 2 the Maxxx

In New Haven, the riders’ brash flouting of traffic laws has drawn the ire of Elm City residents and left a police force with their hands tied. Under the New Haven Police Department’s “no chase” policy, an officer can only pursue an unarmed suspect for two minutes before they’re told to fall back due to safety concerns. Beyond this allotted pursuit, when the structures of authority dissolve into back alleys, the bikers find themselves buzzing in an unrestricted funhouse. What sort of fuel is this? What to do, where to?

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Sitting in the library in the springtime, I find this oddly inspiring. A Thom Gunn poem entitled “On the Move ‘Man, You Gotta Go’” comes to mind: “Men manufacture both machine and soul / And use what they imperfectly control / to dare a future from the taken routes.”