Luke Aronson ’12 is redefining how lacrosse players trap and cradle balls. Not surprisingly, his product is catching on.

As a high school All-American, Aronson decided to take his talents to New Haven in 2008. After representing Yale on the field, he turned his attention towards a new business idea — co-founding StringKing Lacrosse. Established in 2011, the company’s most popular product thus far has been a redesigned mesh pocket that Aronson characterized in a recent Boston Globe profile as “the best in the sport.”

Apparently, mesh pockets are a big deal. Several Major League Lacrosse players use the new pocket, including Matt Gibson, last year’s Rookie of the Year. Retailer Commonwealth Lacrosse is struggling to keep StringKing’s mesh on the shelves. Executive Jeff Copetas said Aronson’s mesh pocket is substantially different from that of competing brands.

Building upon this success, the company has recently leased an office in Los Angeles, allowing them to test their products far away from New England winters.

Only the finest threads are used in StringKing’s products. According to Aronson, this miracle mesh is unaffected by the elements and retains its shape after many uses. Furthermore, each hole in the pocket is engineered to be the same size, allowing players to catch and throw the ball in the same way, every time. All-Star player Mike Stone said, “I think if they’ve really solved these issues, it’ll be huge.”

Turns out, Peter Thiel was wrong; the future of innovation does not seem so bleak after all.