The Yale College Council elections concluded on Friday afternoon at 5 p.m., and all but one of the races ended with a decisive result.

Of the contested races, Andrew Grass ’16 was elected YCC Secretary and Leigh Hamilton ’15 won the YCC Treasurer race, receiving 50.64 percent of the vote and 60.71 percent of the vote, respectively. Ben Ackerman ’16 won the race for Undergraduate Organizing Committee chair with 32.13 percent of the vote.

Danny Avraham ’15, Kyle Tramonte ’15, Eli Rivkin ’15 and Layla Khuri ’16 were elected YCC President, Vice President, Events Director and Sophomore College Council President, respectively, in a YCC race that was the first in YCC history to have more than one uncontested position.

There will be a runoff election for Junior Class Council president between Rachel Tobin ’15, who received 29.21 percent of the vote, and Nancy Xia ’15, who received 32.58 percent of the vote. According to YCC election rules, any candidate who does not receive a majority of the vote must win be a plurality and at least 5 percent more than the nearest candidate. If neither of these conditions is met, the race will go into a runoff between the top two candidates.

Voting for the run-off election will take place next Monday and Tuesday.