No matter how much stress I’m under, I’m happy to be at Yale. Unlike many of my peers, I never dreamed about going to an Ivy League school. And unlike Suzy Lee Weiss (the bitter white girl who didn’t get into the college of her dreams and blamed everyone and anything), I am quite a diverse person. Without giving my entire life-story, I will say this: half-Chinese and half-Guinean, I was born in Beijing and lived in three continents before moving to America, where I handily obtained my citizenship the fall of my senior year in high school, right before college applications.

I promised myself I would try to restrain my aggression, but I have to say this one thing: STFU, SLW, you don’t know squat about squat. You’re not funny either. You try to simplify college admissions to a checklist of race, sexuality, immigrant status, public high schools. Had you been Shawn instead of Suzy, I’m sure you would have thrown gender into the mix.

In the words of a friend, there’s been so much institutional racism — and there still is — that there needs to be some sort of resolution. Even now, affirmative action doesn’t do nearly as much as everyone, Suzy Lee included, seems to think. Affirmative action only forces colleges to look at applicants they wouldn’t normally look at; it doesn’t guarantee admission. Does she know the struggles of marginalized peoples at all? If she did, she wouldn’t wish for our burdens unless she knew about the heavy weight of that load.

As a minority, I have to work twice as hard for half as much recognition as a white person. As a woman, I have to work twice as hard for half as much recognition as a man. I stopped taking math after multivariable calculus, but those are some skewed ratios. So stop complaining, SLW. You just weren’t good enough.