Making history. Boola boola! Men’s hockey captain Andrew Miller ’13 scored the overtime goal in yesterday’s Frozen Four matchup between Yale and UMass-Lowell. After last night’s win, the Bulldogs are now one game away from their first championship title. The final matchup is Saturday in Pittsburgh.

Where’s Nate Silver when you need him? Elections for the 2013-’14 YCC Executive Board, which began yesterday morning, will conclude tonight. Yalies looking to cast their ballot before 5 p.m. can find the polls on YaleStation.

Do the lo-Koh-motion. Law school students can now view the Sterling Professor of international law in a new light. Yesterday evening, the Yale Law School unveiled a portrait of former Dean Harold Koh during a ceremony in Levinson Auditorium. No word as to whether Koh’s former State Department boss, Hillary Clinton LAW ’73, stopped by for the festivities.

A perfect match. Three years ago, John Oppenheimer ’14 joined a bone marrow registry during the annual Mandi Schwartz Marrow Donor Registration Drive. Now, Oppenheimer has just made a life-saving donation of stem cells to a 41-year-old leukemia patient in Europe.

Big Green, red cups. Over at Dartmouth, a new student initiative called the Dartmouth Social Cups program promises to bring students together. Their method? The students outfitted a popular dining hall with red plastic cups. Diners can opt for the colored glassware, or the traditional and translucent. According to the Dartmouth student paper, students who grab red cups will do so to show their nearby peers that they are “open to sitting with strangers.”

Spring fakers? James Franco, our favorite (erstwhile) graduate student, shocked and wowed critics with his performance in Harmony Korine’s latest film, “Spring Breakers.” But the academic actor has since endured the ire of Riff Raff, a rapper who claims Franco unfairly used his persona as inspiration for his performance. According to numerous Hollywood insiders, Riff Raff is pursuing the beef by playing a character named “James Franko” on an upcoming episode of “One Life to Live.”

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1868 Attendees at a New York fundraising event “for the benefit of the University Crew” were treated to the theatrical stylings of Harvard’s famed Hasty Pudding Club. Hasty Pudding’s three-act performance “extravaganza” included characters called “Prince Poppyfeet” and “King Cockalorum,” among other fanciful titles.