• Sixteen months after a fatal crash at the 2011 Yale-Harvard game left a Massachusetts woman dead, the victim’s estate has filed a negligence suit against the University, the city of New Haven, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and others. Nancy Barry, a 30-year-old woman from Massachusetts, died after she was struck by a U-Haul truck during the tailgate before the Yale-Harvard football game on Nov. 19, 2011. Paul T. Edwards, an attorney representing Barry’s estate, filed a lawsuit with the New Haven Superior Court on Friday. The crash “was the result of an accumulation of incredibly bad decisions by several parties,” according to a press release on the suit. Read more about the lawsuit in tomorrow’s News.
  • With the Yale Corporation on the cusp of a complete overturn of its leadership, members of the University’s governing board chose not to kick-start any major new budget or policy proposals during their meeting this weekend. Instead, the fellows discussed initiatives already in progress and approved a capital budget similar to last year’s plan. The meeting marked the penultimate Corporation gathering for both University President Richard Levin and Senior Fellow Edward Bass ’67 ARC ’72, who will be replaced by President-elect Peter Salovey and Margaret Marshall LAW ’72, respectively, on June 30. In light of the upcoming transitions, Levin said the Corporation approved additional funding for ongoing building projects and the financial committee approved a $375 capital budget for the upcoming year.
  • Provost Benjamin Polak will eat dinner twice on April 23: once in honor of a retired economics professor, and once with a group of eight students known as the Provost’s Advisory Committee. Since his appointment as provost in January, Polak said it has been difficult to find time to engage with students because of the new obligations and “crowded” schedule that accompany the role of the University’s second highest administrator. Though Polak has had one meeting this spring with the Provost’s Advisory Committee and one meeting with representatives from Yale College Council, the Graduate Student Assembly and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, he said this is “not enough” and hopes to make more room in his schedule to converse with students next year.


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